Ed Engel


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Year Album Artist
2009 Golden Age of American Rock N Roll, Vol. 2: Special Doo Wop Edition 1956-1963 Photo Courtesy
2009 The Whole Wide World The Crystalairs Composer, Lyricist
2008 Lost on Belmont Avenue The Roomates Composer
2007 Sounds of the City: New York Area Doo Wop 1956-1966 Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Photo Courtesy
2006 Best of Sinclair Records, Vol. 1 Liner Notes
2006 Soundtrack to the Doo Wop Era: A Kenny Vance Collection Kenny Vance Liner Notes
2006 Vinny Catalano Story, Vol. 1 Liner Notes
2006 Visions of Love: Best Of The Explorers Liner Notes
2005 (No More) Lonely Weekends Billy & the Essentials Liner Notes
2005 Complete Package The Silhouettes Liner Notes
2005 Crystal Ball Records 20th Anniversary, Vol. 1 Liner Notes
2005 I Had a Dream The Dolphins Liner Notes
2004 And Friends Jordan & The Fascinations Liner Notes
2004 Between the Lines The Roomates Executive Producer
2004 Bronx Doo Wop Liner Notes
2004 Brooklyn Doo Wop Liner Notes
2004 California Doo Wop Liner Notes
2004 Coney Island Baby The Excellents Liner Notes
2004 Everybody's Teenage Sweetheart Newports Composer
2004 Full Circle 1958-1999 Regals Liner Notes, Composer
2004 Future Favorites Frankie & the Fashions Liner Notes, Executive Producer, Composer
2004 Manhattan Doo Wop, Vol. 1 Liner Notes
2004 Manhattan Doo Wop, Vol. 2 Liner Notes
2004 New Haven Doo Wop Liner Notes
2004 Not the Usual Doo Wop Frankie & the Fashions Liner Notes, Executive Producer
2004 Philadelphia Doo Wop Liner Notes
2004 Philly Doo Wop Sound: Lost Masters Liner Notes
2004 Poplar Record Story Liner Notes
2004 Rock N Roll Baby Crosstones Liner Notes, Executive Producer
2004 Simply Fabulous The Fabulous Four Liner Notes
2004 Still Singing After All These Years, Vol. 2 Composer
2004 Story Now Told The Emotions Liner Notes
2004 They Sang in Philly Bandaleers Liner Notes, Composer
2004 Time & Again Statens Liner Notes
2004 Vanilla Doo Wop Liner Notes
2002 21st Century Doo Wop Liner Notes, Assembly, Composer
2002 Teen Scene [Dee Jay] Photography
2001 Strange World The Crystalairs Liner Notes
2000 Hits & Rarities: The Rome Years & Beyond The Earls Liner Notes
2000 The Very Best of Johnny Maestro Johnny Maestro Liner Notes
1999 Crystal Ball Records: 45rpm Days, Vol. 1 Producer, Liner Notes
1999 Crystal Ball Records: 45rpm Days, Vol. 3 Liner Notes
1997 Don't Hang Up: Rock & Roll Answering Machine Executive Producer
1997 Jamie/Guyden Doowop Collection, Vol. 1: Doop-Doo-Wah Photography, Illustrations
1994 The Best of the Belmonts The Belmonts Liner Notes
1992 For Collectors Only Brooklyn Bridge / Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge Liner Notes
1992 Laurie Vocal Groups: The Sixties Sound Photography, Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1992 Over the Rainbow [Relic] The Demensions Liner Notes
1991 Laurie Vocal Groups: The Doo Wop Sound Photography, Liner Notes
1990 The Best of the Duprees [Rhino] The Duprees Liner Notes
"Acappella" Starlight Sessions: Heart's Desire Five Boroughs Composer
A Christmas Stocking Filled With Doowops Newports Liner Notes
Bobby Miller's the End of an Era Bobby Miller Liner Notes
Crystal Ball Records: 20th Anniversary, Vol. 4: 1978-1998 Liner Notes
Doowop Lives Newports / The Roomates Composer
Live Legendary Teenagers Liner Notes
The Dean of Philly: 26 Cuts Dean Randolph Liner Notes
Thru the Years Phyllis Allyn Liner Notes
Tony and The Holidays Aka The Standards Tony and the Holidays Liner Notes