Earthsuit is a five-member rock group made up of acoustic guitarist Dave Rumsey, keyboardist Paul Meany, bassist Roy Mitchell, drummer David "Hutch" Hutchison, and vocalist Adam LaClave. The music this band delivers is a wide, innovative mixture that incorporates everything from rap and rock to smooth lyrics, reggae chants, and a little jazz and pop flavor stirred in just for good measure. In 1995, Meany and LaClave began performing together at Café Joel, a little coffeehouse in New Orleans located on the famous Bourbon Street. Rumsey and Mitchell soon joined the group, followed by Hutchison. The band didn't travel much, ministering with their music mostly on familiar home ground. In the summer of 1999, Earthsuit decided to appear at a festival. It was there that Sparrow Records discovered the group. After signing with the label, ...
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Kaleidoscope Superior 2000 Kaleidoscope Superior
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