Maurice Duruflé

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Maurice Duruflé (1902-1986) was a French organist and composer noted for the sensitivity and refinement of his music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Requiem, for orchestra, organ & chorus; for organ & chorus; for small ensemble, organ & chorus, Op. 9 (3 versions) 1947 Choral
Motets (4) on Gregorian Themes, for chorus, Op.10 1960 Choral
Suite, for organ, Op. 5 1933 Keyboard
Prelude and Fugue on the name A.L.A.I.N., for organ, Op. 7 1942 Keyboard
Missa "Cum Jubilo", for baritone, baritone chorus, orchestra & organ, Op. 11 1966 Choral
Prelude, Adagio and Chorale Variations on the "Veni Creator", for organ & baritone choir, Op. 4 1930 Choral Keyboard
Scherzo, for organ, Op. 2 1926 Keyboard
Prelude on the Introit of the Epiphany, for organ, Op. 13 1962 Keyboard
Fugue on the Carillon of the Cathedral of Soissons, Op. 12 1962 Keyboard
Ubi caritas, motet for chorus, Op. 10/1 1960 Choral
Notre Père (2 versions), for chorus; for male voices & organ, Op. 14 1976 Choral
Tota pulchra es, Maria, motet for chorus, Op. 10/2 1960 Choral
Hommage à Jean Gallon ("Chant donné"), for organ Keyboard
Méditation, for organ 1964 Keyboard
Prelude, Recitative and Variations, for flute, viola & piano, Op. 3 1928 Chamber Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Tu es Petrus, motet for chorus, Op. 10/3 1960 Choral
Dances (3), for orchestra (or 2 pianos), Op. 6 1937 Orchestral
Tantum ergo, motet for chorus, Op. 10/4 1960 Choral
Improvisations (5), for organ (transcriptions by Duruflé of performances by his teacher Tournemire) Keyboard
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