Dov Zeira


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Year Album Artist
2010 Awake O Israel Elana Watson Executive Producer
2010 Klezmer, Vol. 3 Producer, Editing
2010 O Lord God of Israel Jonathan Settel Producer, Editing
2010 Psalms of Praise: More Songs From the Book of Psalms, Vol. 3 Producer, Editing
2010 Songs of Faith: From the Holyland Producer, Editing
2010 The Soul of the Jewish Violin, Vol. 4 Pavel Levin Producer, Editing
2009 Best Yiddish Songs Yossele Rosenblatt Producer, Audio Production, Editing
2009 Gypsy Album Baldi Olier Producer
2009 Jewish Ballroom: Dance in Yiddish Producer, Editing
2009 Jewish Tango Producer, Editing
2009 Serenity Series: Memories of Sleepless Night Hataklit Serenity Series Producer
2009 Serenity Series: Music for Trees and Flowers Arkadi Chaslavsky / Hataklit Serenity Series Producer, Audio Production
2009 Serenity Series: Reflections on the Four Elements Ithamar Eshpar / The Serenity Series Producer, Audio Production
2008 Jerusalem: 3000 Years in Songs Audio Production
2008 Unzer Nigun Editing, Producer
2007 20 Israeli Folk Dances Gevatron Audio Production
2007 Israel with Love and Hope Audio Production
2007 Songs from the Book of Psalms Audio Production
2006 A Celebration of the Passover Seder Producer, Editing
2006 Hataklit Music: Authentic Israeli-Oriental Folk Songs Producer, Editing
2006 Jewish Holiday Songs: Tabernacle Songs Executive Producer
2006 Jewish Weddings Hits Compilation Producer, Compilation Editing
2006 Klezmer: Chassidic Classic Giora Feidman Producer, Compilation Producer, Compilation Editing
2006 Klezmer: Freilach Compilation, Vol. 2 Shmuel Achiezer / Musa Berlin / Giora Feidman Producer, Editing
2006 Mashiach: 27 Best Chassidic Songs Eitan Masuri Producer, Editing
2006 Shalom Israel: Sea of Galilee Producer, Editing
2006 The Feast of Chanukah Executive Producer
2006 The Jewish Album Jonathan Settel Producer
2006 The Soul of the Jewish Violin Boris Savchuk Producer, Editing
2006 Your Favorite Psalms Sung in English & Hebrew Marty Goetz Executive Producer
Prayers and Praise from Jerusalem Hataklit Producer, Editing
When I Worship You Jonathan Settel Executive Producer, Arranger