Douglas McGregor


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Year Album Artist
2010 College Tour, Vol. 1: The Complete Nothing Is... Sun Ra Digital Remastering
2010 The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Sun Ra Design, Digital Remastering, Layout
2009 Gigantomachia Naked Future Mastering
2009 Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966, Vol. 3 Don Cherry Remastering, Digital Remastering
2008 Bird in Time 1940-1947 Charlie Parker Remastering, Digital Remastering
2008 Live in 1965 [ESP] The Holy Modal Rounders Digital Remastering
2007 Bloom in the Commune Burton Greene Digital Restoration
2005 Complete ESP-Disk Recordings Frank Wright Digital Restoration, Restoration
2005 Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, Vols. 1 & 2 Sun Ra Digital Restoration
2005 The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings Patty Waters Digital Restoration
2005 The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings Sonny Simmons Restoration
2002 You Used to Think Erica Pomerance Remastering, Digital Remastering
1999 Bells/Prophecy Albert Ayler Restoration
1976 Clarity Michael Gregory Jackson Digital Remastering
1975 The Will Come, Is Now Ronnie Boykins Remastering, Digital Remastering
1974 Unity Frank Wright Digital Restoration
1973 Black Beings Frank Lowe Digital Remastering
1972 Featuring Pharoah Sanders & Black Harold Sun Ra & His Arkestra Remastering, Digital Remastering
1972 Vietnam Revolutionary Ensemble Digital Remastering
1970 LIE: The Love and Terror Cult Charles Manson Reissue Engineer
1969 Orgasm Cromagnon Remastering, Digital Remastering
1969 Yodeling Astrologer MIJ Remastering
1968 Why Not? Marion Brown / Marion Brown Quartet Digital Remastering
1967 Eastern Man Alone Charles Tyler Digital Remastering
1967 In Search of the Mystery Gato Barbieri Quartet Remastering, Digital Remastering
1967 Indian War Whoop The Holy Modal Rounders Digital Remastering
1967 Sounds of the Ghetto Youth The Har-You Percussion Group Remastering, Digital Remastering
1967 Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out Timothy Leary Remastering, Digital Remastering
1967 Zitro James Zitro Digital Remastering
1966 At Slug's Saloon, Vol. 1 Albert Ayler Digital Restoration
1966 Charles Tyler Ensemble Charles Tyler Ensemble Remastering
1966 Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 Don Cherry Digital Restoration
1966 Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966, Vol. 2 Don Cherry Digital Remastering
1966 Live at the Blue Note Café, Paris 1961 Bud Powell Digital Restoration
1966 Nothing Is Sun Ra Restoration
1966 Sunny Murray Sunny Murray Digital Restoration
1966 The Forest and the Zoo Steve Lacy Quartet Remastering, Digital Remastering
1966 Virgin Fugs The Fugs Digital Restoration, Restoration
1965 Closer Paul Bley Remastering, Digital Remastering
1965 Explosions Bob James Trio Remastering, Digital Remastering
1964 New York Art Quartet New York Art Quartet Remastering, Digital Remastering
1964 New York Eye & Ear Control Albert Ayler Digital Remastering
1964 The Hilversum Session Albert Ayler Digital Restoration
1962 Town Hall Concert 1962 Ornette Coleman Digital Remastering