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Year Album Artist
2020 The Perfect Plan The Lowest Pair Mastering
2020 I'll Get By Avi Kaplan Mastering
2020 Destiny Hotel Cordovas Mastering
2019 Prismism David Keuning Mastering
2018 We Heard You Like Country Marmalade Tiger Mastering
2018 That Santa Fe Channel Cordovas Mastering
2018 Midnight Noon Monteagle Mastering
2018 Love the Holidays Old 97's Mastering
2018 In Rounds Campdogzz Mastering
2018 House of David After Rome Mastering
2018 Demolition Moon Deep Sleep Operator Mastering
2018 American Vistas Concordia String Trio Mastering
2017 Viennese String Trios Concordia String Trio Mastering
2017 The Navigator Hurray for the Riff Raff Mastering
2017 Sideshow Blue Hazard Mastering
2016 Sparkle Sparkle Holy White Hounds Mastering
2016 One More Flight Sawtooth Brothers Mastering
2016 Laney Jones Laney Jones Mastering
2016 I'm Alone, No You're Not Joseph Mastering
2016 Cold Snap Anthony D'Amato Mastering
2016 Capsule: 1999-2016 The Faint Mastering
2015 The Simple Fear Brooke Annibale Mastering
2015 Such Things Saintseneca Mastering
2015 Beep Beep Dennis Warner Mastering
2015 Alligator Years Twinsmith Mastering
2014 Stay Gold First Aid Kit Mastering
2014 Dark Arc Saintseneca Mastering
2013 Tails Lights & Lonely Nights Norton Mastering
2013 Something About Knowing Maria Taylor Mastering
2013 On Oni Pond Man Man Mastering
2013 Mon Dieu Steve Shiffman & the Land of No Mastering
2013 Crystal World Marnie Mastering
2013 Adult Film Tim Kasher Mastering
2013 A Christmas Snow Almost To Albany Mastering
2012 While The Earth Sleeps Deep Sleep Operator Mastering
2012 This World of Mine Blue Hazard Mastering
2012 The Lion's Roar First Aid Kit Mastering
2012 Old World Romance Sea Wolf Mastering
2012 Halo On The Trees Cerah Tymoshuk Mastering
2012 Drinkin' & Women The Hell Country Truckers Mastering
2012 Contextual Doom Capgun Coup Mastering
2011 Tinsel Town All the Real Girls Mastering
2011 Stranger Ballet The Poison Control Center Mastering
2011 Aficionado Aficionado Mastering
2010 Warn the Wise: Motion Sick/Wolves Star Again Mastering
2010 The Game of Monogamy Tim Kasher Mastering
2010 Sad Sour Future The Poison Control Center Mastering
2010 Listen Emanuel and the Fear Mastering
2010 Everyday Balloons A Weather Mastering
2010 Dirty Little Rabbits Dirty Little Rabbits Mastering
2010 A Neighboring City Huna Mastering
2009 White Water, White Bloom Sea Wolf Mastering
2009 Until the Day Break & Shadows Flee Aaron Lee Martin Mastering
2009 UUVVWWZ UUVVWWZ Mastering
2009 The Blue Depths Odawas Mastering
2009 Son Little Brazil Remastering, Mastering
2009 Simon Dirty Little Rabbits Mastering
2009 Saddle Up, Pal Cowboy Dave Mastering
2009 Rewiring the Electric Forest Darla Farmer Mastering
2009 O+S O+S Editing, Mastering
2009 Notes from the Treehouse Alessi's Ark Mastering
2009 Mama, I'm Swollen Cursive Mastering
2009 Low Morals and High Standards The Allendales Mastering
2009 Kiss/Kick Broken Spindles Mastering
2009 It's Great to Be Alive Fake Problems Mastering
2009 Hold Time M. Ward Mastering
2009 Everwhere to Go The Lower 48 Mastering
2009 Enchanted Islands Beep Beep Mastering
2009 Destination Life Rhonda Vincent Mastering
2009 Declaration of Dependence Kings of Convenience Mastering
2009 Brain Cycles Radio Moscow Mastering
2008 Zombie Aesthetics Vverevvolf Grehv Mastering
2008 You May Already Be Dreaming Neva Dinova Mastering
2008 Volume One She & Him Mastering
2008 This Riot Life Veda Hille Mastering
2008 The Strangest Colored Lights 13Ghosts Mastering
2008 The Family Afloat Bound Stems Mastering
2008 The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll Simon Joyner Remastering
2008 The Apprentice The Apprentice Mastering
2008 Thank You, Mr. Meltdown Perfect Red Mastering
2008 Someone Else's Déjà Vu Son Mastering
2008 O Tilly and the Wall Mastering
2008 North, South, East & the Rest One Lone Car Mastering
2008 Love Yourself Thunder Power Mastering
2008 Great Plains Head of Femur Mastering
2008 French Exit The End of the World Mastering
2008 Flowers Forever Flowers Forever Mastering
2008 Elephant Shell Tokyo Police Club Mastering
2008 Drew Smith's Lonely Choir Drew Smith Mastering
2008 Calamity Drenching McCarthy Trenching Mastering
2008 Baby Walrus Baby Walrus Mastering
2007 Where You Have Been Brian Wheat / Brian Wheat & Groggy Darlin' Mastering
2007 We Can Build an Island Charlemagne Mastering
2007 Tighten the Noose Little Brazil Mastering
2007 Tell Me Everything Drakes Hotel Mastering
2007 Sojourner Magnolia Electric Co. Mastering
2007 Ship of Fools, Or Ship on Fire Death Comes to Matteson Mastering
2007 Set the Woods on Fire Art in Manila Mastering
2007 Raven and the White Night Odawas Mastering
2007 Phoenician Terrane Bevel Mastering
2007 Next Town The Mezcal Brothers Mastering
2007 My Ion Truss Minus Story Mastering
2007 McCarthy Trenching McCarthy Trenching Mastering
2007 Lynn Teeter Flower Maria Taylor Mastering
2007 Lightning Dust Lightning Dust Mastering
2007 Leaves, Trees & Galaxies Paper Owls Mastering
2007 Keeper of Youth The Only Children Mastering
2007 Kaleidoscopic Art Pop Mammoth Life Mastering
2007 Jumbling Towers Jumbling Towers Mastering
2007 Help Wanted Nights The Good Life Mastering
2007 Go Go Rhythm [Bonus Track] The Mezcal Brothers Mastering
2007 Go Go Rhythm The Mezcal Brothers Mastering
2007 Four Winds Bright Eyes Mastering
2007 Elephantoms OK Jones Mastering
2007 Cassadaga Bright Eyes Mastering
2007 Brought to You by Nebraskafish Capgun Coup Mastering
2007 Baby Comes Home Patrick Cleandenim Mastering
2007 Along the Quai The Berg Sans Nipple Mastering
2007 All That to the Wall The Narrator Mastering
2007 Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State With the Power of Rock and Roll Fishboy Mastering
2007 A Single Glance Katie Scott Mastering
2007 A Collage of Impressions The Poison Control Center Mastering
2007 835 Minmae Mastering
2006 When You're Electric The Pomonas Mastering
2006 What the Toll Tells Two Gallants Mastering
2006 The Crawl Dave Fischoff Mastering
2006 Tell Me Catfish Haven Mastering
2006 Slow Action Run Chico Run Mastering
2006 Shipwrecked on Shores 1090 Club Mastering
2006 Penny Dreadful Beati Paoli Mastering
2006 Passed and Presents Life in Bed Mastering
2006 Noise Floor (Rarities 1998-2005) Bright Eyes Mastering
2006 I Am the Dust Scouts Honor Mastering
2006 How They Fly Great Aunt Ida Mastering
2006 Hello Graphic Missile Conner Mastering
2006 Heavy Hands Ladyfinger (ne) Mastering
2006 Happy Hollow Cursive Mastering
2006 Glory Us The Poison Control Center Mastering
2006 Fading Trails Magnolia Electric Co. Mastering
2006 Dorothy at Forty [Single] Cursive Mastering
2006 Diaries of the Intelligentsia The Televangelist and the Architect Mastering
2006 Cast Away the Clouds Rose Melberg Mastering
2006 Bottoms of Barrels Tilly and the Wall Mastering
2006 Boo Hoo Hoo Boo They Shoot Horses Don't They Mastering
2006 Axis of Evol The Pink Mountaintops Mastering
2006 Appreciation Night Bound Stems Mastering
2006 Alive Between the Records Sleeves Left Is West Mastering
2006 A Burning Light Autumn Project Mastering
2005 Wonderful World Dog Pookah Mastering
2005 When We Break Criteria Mastering
2005 The Hate Yourself Change Neva Dinova Mastering
2005 The Difference Between Houses and Homes: Lost Songs and Loose Ends 1995-2001 Cursive Mastering
2005 Such Triumph The Narrator Mastering
2005 Prevent the World, Pt. 2 Criteria Mastering
2005 Often Lie Statistics Mastering
2005 More Positive Material The Empty Mastering
2005 Late Night Conversations The Forecast Mastering
2005 January 2005, 10 Songs LKN Mastering
2005 Invisible Ones Orenda Fink Mastering
2005 Inside/Absent Broken Spindles Mastering
2005 I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning/Digital Ash in a Digital Urn [Promo] Bright Eyes Mastering
2005 I'm Wide Awake It's Morning Bright Eyes Mastering
2005 I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning Minmae Mastering
2005 Grow Up or Sleep In Ghosty Mastering
2005 First There Was the Emptiness Racebannon Remastering
2005 First Day of My Life Bright Eyes Mastering
2005 Digital Ash in a Digital Urn Bright Eyes Mastering
2005 Bushido Karaoke Mayday Mastering
2005 Black Mountain Black Mountain Mastering
2005 As the Sky Stared Down With Angry Clouds Fire When Ready Mastering
2005 11:11 Maria Taylor Mastering
2004 Wild Like Children Tilly and the Wall Mastering
2004 There Are Giants in the Earth The '89 Cubs Mastering
2004 The Recluse Cursive Mastering
2004 Take It Easy (Love Nothing) Bright Eyes Mastering
2004 Suit Yourself Clubs Of Branches Mastering
2004 Respighi: Laud to the Nativity; Monteverdi: Magnificat Roger Wagner Chorale Editing, Mastering, Restoration
2004 Pick It Up The Slats Mastering
2004 One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels Bright Eyes / Neva Dinova Mastering
2004 New Resolution Azure Ray Mastering
2004 New England Jason Anderson Mastering
2004 Misanthropos Paria Mastering
2004 Mass Exodus from California The Televangelist and the Architect Mastering
2004 Lua Bright Eyes Mastering
2004 Lovers Need Lawyers The Good Life Mastering
2004 Leave Your Name Statistics Mastering
2004 Kiss of Deaf Straight Outta Junior High Mastering
2004 Key Son Mastering
2004 Just in Time for Something Damien Jurado Mastering
2004 If It Plays...A Compilation Mastering
2004 Fulfilled/Complete Broken Spindles Mastering
2004 Flamingo Minutes Rescue Mastering
2004 Fizzle Like a Flood Fizzle Like a Flood Mastering
2004 Elephant Dreams Grasshopper Takeover Mastering
2004 Down the Puppet Strings, Marionettes Bevel Mastering
2004 Business Casual Beep Beep Mastering
2004 Amorphous Frankenixon Mastering
2004 Album of the Year The Good Life Mastering
2003 Winterfolk XV: A Benefit for Sisters of the Road Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 Tie These Hands/Mr. 1986 [Split CD] Tie These Hands Mastering
2003 The Ugly Organ Cursive Mastering
2003 The Transient David Dondero Mastering
2003 The Drinks We Drank Last Night Azure Ray Mastering
2003 Statistics [EP] Statistics Mastering
2003 Saddle Creek 50 Mastering
2003 Outside of Outer Space The Christopher Danforths Mastering
2003 Night Time Simulcast Sound of Rails Mastering
2003 MotionCitySoundtrack/Schatzi Motion City Soundtrack / Motioncitysound / Schatzi Mastering
2003 Lowdown and Dirty FortyTwenty Mastering
2003 Live at Billy Bob's Texas Jack Ingram Mastering
2003 Les Embarras du Quotidien Melon Galia Mastering
2003 It's Like Magic in Reverse The Talk Mastering
2003 Inside My Skin Aaron Zimmer Mastering
2003 Hope You Fail Better June Panic Mastering
2003 Hold on Love Azure Ray Mastering
2003 Grand Unified Theory Grand Unified Theory Mastering
2003 Criteria en Garde Criteria / Criteria en Garde Mastering
2003 Before Dishonor Dead by July Mastering
2002 Three Pop Songs Ghosty Mastering
2002 Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In Racebannon Mastering
2002 S/T Race for Titles Mastering
2002 Read Music/Speak Spanish Desaparecidos Mastering
2002 Old Blood Mayday Mastering
2002 Norman Luboff Remembered Soli Deo Gloria Cantorum Mixing
2002 Neva Dinova Neva Dinova Mastering
2002 NE Vs NC Mastering
2002 Musico Nippon Mastering
2002 Midwest/Italia Organ Donor Mastering
2002 Iron Night Nad Navillus Mastering
2002 Here Is Night, Brothers, Here the Birds Burn Love Life Mastering
2002 Flash Paper Queen: The 4-Track Demos Fizzle Like a Flood Mastering
2002 Fifteen Feet & Twenty Degrees Why Make Clocks Mastering
2002 Coalesced For Against Mastering
2002 Broken Spindles Broken Spindles Mastering
2002 Black Out The Good Life Mastering
2002 Baby's Breadth June Panic Mastering
2002 Asymmetry Set Bright Calm Blue Mastering
2002 Able Bodies Spokane Mastering
2002 A Christmas Album Bright Eyes Mastering
2001 The Convenience of Indecision Sorry About Dresden Mastering
2001 Introducing Janice Mars Mastering
2000 The Joy of Diving The Eye Mastering
2000 Prelude of Hypnotics Sound of Rails Mastering
2000 Golden Sand and the Grandstand Fizzle Like a Flood Mastering
2000 Fevers and Mirrors Bright Eyes Mastering
2000 Domestica Cursive Mastering
1999 Song Lullaby for the Working Class Mastering
1999 Droppin' the Next Shit Beyond Mastering
1999 Agents of Entropy Fullblown Mastering
1994 Hourglass America Engineer
1972 Norman Luboff Remembered Almeda Berkey Mixing, Digital Editing, Digital Mastering
Young Volcanoes Zac Clark Mastering
Words in Your Eyes Brooke Annibale Mastering
What Happens Now Commerce Mastering
We Make History Now Landing on the Moon Mastering
Vol. 2 Maxilla Blue Mastering
Through The Darkened Window Pinstripe 45s Mastering
These Things Are Ours Why Make Clocks Mastering
The Red Channels The Red Channels Mastering
The Blue Floor Jim Thomas Mastering
The Vanishing Blues Devin Frank Mastering
The Roomsounds The Roomsounds Mastering
The Eric Liddell Project The Eric Liddell Project Mastering
Stoked & Broke Aloha Radio Mastering
Still, Silent Night Scott Stilwell Mastering
Spectrum Kris Lager Band / Kris Lager Mastering
Son of Caesar Sally Johnson Mastering
Side 2 Tony Bohnenkamp Mastering
Rhapsody: Chamber Music of Richard Faith Missouri Chamber Players Digital Mastering
Omaha The Crossing Engineer
Ocean Floor Funeral Tacachale Chamber Orchestra Mastering
Never Never Land Cara Mentzel / Idina Menzel Mastering
My Only Gift To Bring Jolie Edwards Mastering
Moonlit Skies Son of Caesar Mastering
Midwestern Film Why Make Clocks Mastering
Matthew Heller Matthew Heller Mastering
Lonely Melting Iceberg The Red Channels Mastering
Into The Darkness Murzik Mastering
I Got No Place Remembers Me Brad Armstrong Mastering
How to Dream Again M. Lockwood Porter Mastering
Hold Your Breath Daniel Christian Mastering
Hail the Goer We Are Hex Mastering
Gold Boots Glitter Wheeler Brothers Mastering
God Bless You, and Goodnight Field of Bronze Mastering
Ghetto Cooking The Red Channels Mastering
Gentleman on the Rocks Coyote Bones Mastering
Fait Accompli Chuck Hopkins Mastering
Except for the Birds Cavaliers Mastering
Elizabeth Davis Elizabeth Davis Mastering
Driftin' Along Blood Washed Band Mastering
Don't We All Freakabout Mastering
Darling, Maybe Someday Tyler Burkum Mastering
Cool Vibes Steve Raybine Mastering
Child of Calamity Kirby Brown Mastering
Can't Please You, Can't Please Me Farewell Milwaukee Mastering
Call Me What You Want Ryan Taylor Allen Mastering
Botany Camp Fortnight Mastering
Blood V. Electricity Unknown Component Mastering
Bleach Brigade We Are Hex Mastering
Bermuda Mosey West Mastering
Babezooka Freakabout Mastering
Autumn Rest Easy Farewell Milwaukee Mastering
Another Lonely Ghost Adam Thomas Brown Mastering
All Creation Groans The Windtalkers Mastering Engineer
A Stranger At The Wheel Christopher Reyne Mastering
21st Century Romantic Jackson Berkey Mastering
1090 Club/The Forecast [Split CD] 1090 Club Mastering