Doug Milton


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Year Album Artist
2012 Bury the Light Pharaoh Mastering
2012 Ostrich Crack the Sky Mastering
2011 Heartbeat Away Bobby Hird Mastering
2010 Machine Crack The Sky / Crack the Sky Mastering
2009 Blind Faith Loyalty Crown the Lost / Fool's Game / Fool's Game Mastering
2007 The Sale Crack the Sky Mastering
2006 The Order of the Reptile Ego Likeness Mastering
2006 White Space Angie Miller Mastering
2005 Murder Your Darlings Murder Your Darlings Mastering
2005 Parade of Small Horses C. Gibbs Mastering
2004 Five by Five Naked Blue Mastering
2004 Jetboys of Babylon: A Tribute to the New York Dolls Mastering
2004 The Shortcut to Loss Stars Hide Fire Mastering
2003 Ain't No Grave: A Tribute to Traditional & Public Domain Songs Mastering
2003 Rainstick Tomoko Mastering
2002 Angels Flying Nikkos Mastering
2002 Chapters I and II Corn On Macabre Mastering
2002 Chooglin': A Tribute to the Songs of John Fogerty Mastering
2002 Everyday and Then Some Starbelly Mastering
2002 Ghost Crack the Sky Mastering
2002 Sex Cowboys Cannibal Whore Feast Mastering
2002 The Night Shift Jermaine Gardner Mastering
2001 Between the Devil and the Deep Meat Joy Mastering
2001 Cactus Patch Cactus Patch Mastering
2001 Cannon to a Whisper Breaking Pangaea Mastering
2001 Celebration Day Jay Turner Assembly
2001 Hung Like God Thrall Mastering
2001 Life You're Faking Dipsomaniacs Mastering
2000 All I Want for Christmas Slim Man Mastering
2000 Drivin' It Home Polyplush Cats Mastering
2000 Hear and Now Richard Walton Mastering
2000 Live at Griffith Stadium Elephant Boy Mastering
2000 Live: Recher Theatre 6-19-99 Crack the Sky Mastering
2000 Lunar Modular Unit Brown 25 Mastering
2000 Oracle Moon Garden of Shadows Mastering
2000 Paper Dolls And Paper Plates Fear of Commitment Mastering
2000 Rape on the Installment Plan The Heroine Sheiks Mastering
2000 Snapshots From Limbo Sonus Umbra Mastering
2000 The New Imperialism 400 Years Mastering
1999 8 X 12 Stitches Mastering
1999 Jazzified Slim Man Mixing, Mastering
1999 Manhattan Nights Joe Ercole Mastering
1999 Royal Function Bona Fide Mastering
1999 Sideshow Iluvatar Mastering
1999 Suture and Other Songs 400 Years Mastering
1999 We Will Destroy You Mancake Mastering
1998 Compression Compression Mastering
1998 I Wanna Burn The Fuses Mastering
1998 Missing Period Brand X Mastering
1998 Power Tool Stigmata Godhead Digital Editing
1998 Resurrected Imbue Editing
1998 The Meat Joy Meat Joy Mastering
1998 Transmit Failure 400 Years Mastering
1997 Secret Rendezvous Slim Man Mastering
1997 Those Sunny Days Eden's Poets Engineer, Mixing
Caste Caste Mastering
Compass Eps Ego Likeness Mastering
Goddamn Cowards Faking Mastering
Nations in Distress The Goons Mastering
Ten Years Pharaoh Mastering
You're Gonna Get Yours Beige Eagle Boys Mastering