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Year Album Artist
2018 Mexico City 1975 The Jacksons Composer
2016 Studio Sessions, Vol. 1 Dirotta Su Cuba Composer
2015 Risen: Powerful Gospel Resurrection Songs Composer
2013 Motown the Musical: 100 Originals Composer
2010 J Is for Jackson 5 The Jackson 5 Composer
2010 Disco Fever Composer
2009 The Definitive Collection Michael Jackson Composer
2009 Pure Michael: Motown A Cappella Michael Jackson Composer
2009 I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters The Jackson 5 Composer
2009 Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection Michael Jackson Composer
2008 The Renaissance Q-Tip Composer
2008 The Motown Years The Jackson 5 / Michael Jackson Composer
2008 Motown: The Complete #1s Composer
2008 Motown Remixed, Vol. 2 [Itunes Exclusive] Composer
2008 Gold Michael Jackson Composer
2008 Don't Quit Music: Sweating Disco Dance Party Composer, Composer/Lyricist
2008 Don't Quit Music: Motown Workout Composer
2007 True Disco Composer
2007 Number 1's: '70s Soul Composer
2007 Motown Remixed, Vol. 2 Composer
2006 Motown Chart Hits, Vol. 7 Composer
2006 Disco Classics Composer
2005 Gold The Jackson 5 Composer
2005 Four Brothers [Original Soundtrack] Composer
2005 Drew's Famous Party of the Year Drew's Famous / The Hit Crew Composer
2004 The Jacksons Story The Jackson 5 / Michael Jackson / The Jacksons Composer
2003 Ultimate Disco: 30th Anniversary Collection Composer
2003 Soul '70s: Boogie Down Composer
2002 Best of the Jackson 5 The Jackson 5 Composer, Composer/Lyricist
2001 Skywriter/Get It Together The Jackson 5 Composer
2001 Dancing Machine/Moving Violation The Jackson 5 Composer
2001 Daily Disco Workout Composer
2000 The Evolution of Soul Composer
2000 Soul Train: The Dance Years 1974 Composer
2000 Party Starter Level 1: The Classics Composer
2000 Jammin' Gold Composer
2000 Anthology [2000] The Jackson 5 Composer
1999 Wild Thing Sugar Beats Composer
1999 Disco Box Composer
1999 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best of the Jackson 5 [Domestic Version] The Jackson 5 Composer
1995 The Ultimate Collection The Jackson 5 Composer
1995 Soulsation!: 25th Anniversary Collection The Jackson 5 Composer
1995 Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame Box Set Composer
1995 Disco Nights, Vol. 9: Motown Dance Composer
1994 Class Reunion 1974: The Greatest Hits of 1974 Composer
1993 Motown Legends: Never Can Say Goodbye The Jackson 5 Composer
1993 Hitsville USA, Vol. 2: The Motown Singles Collection 1972-1992 Composer
1991 Mega Hits Dance Classics, Vol. 10 Composer
1990 Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em [Video] MC Hammer Composer
1990 Motown Time Capsule, Vol. 2 (70s) Composer
1990 Motown Superstar Series, Vol. 12 The Jackson 5 Composer
1989 Billboard Top Rock & Roll Hits: 1974 Composer
1989 Billboard Top Rock & Roll Hits: 1971-1974 Composer
1988 The Original Soul of Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Composer
1986 Looking Back to Yesterday Michael Jackson Composer
1986 Anthology: The Best of Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Composer
1984 The Motown Story: First 25 Years Composer
1983 Great Songs & Performances The Jackson 5 Composer
1979 Boogie The Jackson 5 Composer
1978 It Begins Again Dusty Springfield Composer
1976 Joyful Jukebox Music The Jackson 5 Composer
1975 Moving Violation The Jackson 5 Composer
1974 Dancing Machine The Jackson 5 Composer
1973 Get It Together The Jackson 5 Composer
1971 The Greatest Hits The Jackson 5 Composer
We Are Stylophonic Composer
Viaje a 1974 Composer
Tubes Pour Danser-Années 70 Composer
Temones Épicos Composer
TOP Disco [2021] Composer
Sweet Soul Music: 23 Scorching Classics From 1974 Composer
Soul of the 70s Composer
Soul School Composer
Soul Legends [Universal] Composer
Saturday Night Party Disco Dancing Composer
Retro Party! Composer
Reggae Soul Composer
R&B Soul Composer
Pre-School Singalong: Dance Party Composer
Positive Vibes Only Composer
Onda buena onda Composer
Motown Workout Composer
Motown Party Composer
Motown Disco: Selected by Muro x T-Groove Composer
Motown Black Music Sampler: Unapologetic Composer
Jackson 5 [Motown 2009] The Jackson 5 Composer
Is Disco Baby! Composer
Hunk-a-Funk Composer
Hitazos de Oro Composer
Grandes Temazos Disco Composer
Funky Vibres Composer
Funky Jamz Mix Composer
Funky Funk Funk Composer
Funk/Soul/Disco Composer
Funk It [Universal] Composer
Funk Essentials [Universal] Composer
Fun Funk Composer
Forever Disco [Universal] Composer
Flashback Disco [2021] Composer
Fiesta Disco en Inglés Composer
Fall Funk Composer
Esenciales Disco Composer
Días UP Funk Composer
Drew's Famous Instrumental R&B and Hip-Hop Collection, Vol. 28 The Hit Crew Composer/Lyricist
Do You Wanna Dance? [Original Cast Recording] Composer
Discoteca [Universal] Composer
Discomix Composer
Disco, rítmo y buena Onda Composer
Disco Top 50 Composer
Disco Sour Composer
Disco Party Forever Composer
Disco Life Composer
Disco Flow Composer
Disco En La Disco Composer
Disco Classics [2021] Composer
Disco Boom Composer
Dancing Machine Stylophonic Composer
Dale al play!: Soul Composer
Capodanno Disco Dancing Party 2022 Composer
Capodanno Disco Dancing Party Composer
Capodanno 2021 Disco Dancing Composer
Capodanno 2020 Disco Dancing [2021] Composer
Capodanno 2020 Disco Dancing Composer
Body By Jake: Sweating Disco Dance Party Composer
Body By Jake: Motown Workout Composer
Best of Disco Music Classics Composer
A Motown Thanksgiving Celebration Composer
40 Éxitos: Funk Composer
40 Exitos: Disco Composer
4 All Ages: Disco Music Composer
1970s Soul for Kids Composer
+ Funk Composer
'70s Soul Number 1's Composer
#TBT Disco Composer

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