Donald Betts

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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
My Life Closed Twice before its Close, for voice & piano 03:35 Vocal Music
Much Madness is Divinest Sense, for voice & piano 02:25 Vocal Music
God's grandeur, for voice & piano 08:26 Vocal Music
Twelve Brief Reasons Why: A Series of Aphorisms, for piano 08:34 Keyboard
Soundings 10: Monologue 1996 10:08 Keyboard
Orpheus 1980 12:31 Keyboard
Soundings 8: Dreamscapes, Chromatic and Varied 1995 08:38 Keyboard
Snap Shots: Three Views of a Forgotten Place, for string quartet 07:45 Chamber Music
Soundings 2: Transfigurations 1987 11:02 Keyboard
Brief Conversations (3), for violin & viola 09:59 Chamber Music
Of Mingled Voices and Ancient Worlds, for piano 11:53 Keyboard
Musical Aphorisms (3), for viola 05:07 Chamber Music
Homage to Florestan and Eusebius: Fantasy Moments from a Schumann Motif, for piano 16:29 Keyboard
Painted Shadows of Childhood, for clarinet & piano 20:21 Chamber Music
Soundings: Parable, for clarinet, viola & piano 13:29 Chamber Music
The Pegasus Sightings: Five Views of the Winged Horse, for piano 12:19 Keyboard
Of Things Past and Things Present 1989 09:42 Keyboard
Transformations: A Serenade for the Piano 16:42 Keyboard
Constellations: A Piano Fantasy 21:32 Chamber Music
Soundings 9: The Dark and Light of Things (Homage to Brahms) 1996 07:31 Keyboard
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