Dominick Argento

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American composer and educator Dominick Argento (born in York, PA, in 1927) is best known for operas and vocal and choral music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Postcard from Morocco, opera 1971 Opera
Peter Quince at the Clavier, for mixed chorus & piano concertante 1979 Choral
From the Diary of Virginia Woolf, for voice & piano 197? Vocal Music
Elizabethan Songs (6) for high voice & chamber ensemble 1962 Vocal Music
To Be Sung Upon the Water, for high voice, piano & clarinet Vocal Music
Letters from Composers, for voice & guitar Vocal Music
Sonnet No. LXIV (In memoriam 9/11/01), for chorus 200? Choral
Easter Day, motet 1989 Choral
Andrée Expedition 1983 Vocal Music
Songs About Spring (5) for voice & piano Vocal Music
A Nation of Cowslips, for chorus 1968 Choral
A Thanksgiving to God, for His House, motet Choral
To God 'In Memoriam M.B.', for chorus & trumpet 1994 Choral
Let All the World in Every Corner Sing 1980 Choral
A Water Bird Talk, opera Opera
Winter Vocal Music
Valentino Dances 1997 Orchestral
Te Deum for chorus & orchestra 1987 Choral
In Praise of Music, songs (7) for orchestra Orchestral
I Hate and I Love, song cycle for chorus & percussion 1982 Choral
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