DJ Bitman, originally part of the group Bitman & Roban, made his solo debut in 2007 on Nacional Records, a Latin alternative label for which he'd previously recorded as part of his former group. Born José Antonio "Toto" Bravo in Santiago, Chile, Bitman is a DJ/producer/songwriter whose style is deeply rooted in hip-hop, though his music also draws influence from Latin and electronica, as well as other music styles. Initially, Bitman's music featured a lot of sampling (hence the name Bitman & Roban -- that is, "robbing," as in sampling), but over time he began relying primarily on guest vocalists, most of whom sang in either English or Spanish, and live instrumentation. Following a couple early Bitman & Roban releases, namely Hurtos (2000) and Robar Es Natural (2002), Bitman's international breakthrough came with ...
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