Polish heavy metal band with releases on Metal Blade.
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Dies Irae Biography

by Craig Harris

Led by single-named guitarist/vocalist Mauser, Dies Irae has produced some of the hardest hitting sounds in Eastern Europe. Although he disbanded the original lineup featuring guitarist China, bassist Czarny, and drummer Gilan, to join a similar group, Vader, in 1997, Mauser has picked things up a notch since reorganizing Dies Irae with new musicians in 2000. Introducing the new lineup with a self-financed album, Immolated, produced by Lukasz Szurminski, Mauser, and Dies Irae entertained several contract offers before signing with Los Angeles-based Metal Blade. Their first new album for the label, Lion of Knowledge, released in November 2000, was followed by Sin War in 2002.

All members of the reconstituted Dies Irae continue to perform with other groups. Novy is a member of Behemoth and Devilyn, while Hiro is a member of Sceptic. Mauser and Doc continue to play with Sceptic.

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