Diego Ortiz

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Diego Ortiz is important to history not only as a leading Spanish composer of the Renaissance era, but also as the author of Trattado di glosas, the first printed instruction book about ornamentation…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Recercada No. 1 (Trattado de glosas) 1553 Chamber Music
Recercada No 3 sobre el passamezzo moderno 1553 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Recercada No 8 1553 Chamber Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Recercada No 7 sobre la Romanesca Miscellaneous (Classical)
Recercadas (6) on "La Spagna," for bass viol solo Chamber Music
Recercada No. 2
Recercadas (4) on Sandrin's "Doulce memoire," for treble viol & keyboard Chamber Music
Recercada No 5 sobre el passamezzo antiguo Miscellaneous (Classical)
Recercada segonda sobre Doulce Mémoire Chamber Music
Recercadas (4) on Arcadelt's "O felici occhi miei" Chamber Music
O felici occhi miei, for string consort (after Arcadelt) Orchestral
Recercada primera ("Oi, ricciulina") Chamber Music
Recercada No. 2 sobre el Passamento moderno Miscellaneous (Classical)
Recercada No 4 sobre la Folía Miscellaneous (Classical)
Recercata seconda sopra canto piano (Trattado de glosas) Chamber Music
Recercadas (4) for viola da gamba solo Chamber Music
Recercada No. 8 sobre La folia Miscellaneous (Classical)
Recercada No. 2 (Tratado de Glosas) 1533 Chamber Music
Recercada No. 4 Chamber Music
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