Derrick "Doc" Pearson -- the "Doc" stands for "Disciple of Christ" -- is a gospel producer who began working in the 1990s and spent the next decades recording a variety of acts, including Terry Stubbs and Al Johnson. Originally based in Washington, D.C., Derrick Pearson played bass with a number of secular musicians and produced music for the O'Jays and the Dells prior to his spiritual conversion in 1990. Once he devoted himself to Christ, he formed the IAM Music Company in 2005 to specialize in contemporary gospel and inspirational music. Over the years, IAM racked up several hits on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart. In addition to being an impresario, Pearson released his own albums. The first of these, I Sing a New Song to the Lord, arrived in 2005, but it was 2014's It's Alright, a tribute to his longtime collaborator ...
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