Born in Worcestershire, England, blues-rock vocalist Deborah Bonham was only five years old when her older brother John Bonham joined Led Zeppelin. Inspired by his example, Deborah began writing and recording her own songs (along with John's son Jason Bonham) at the Old Hyde Farm, her childhood home. When she was 17, Deborah recorded her first demos at the home of Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, who encouraged and advised the young vocalist. She eventually signed with Carerre Records and released her first album, For You and the Moon, in 1985. Deborah continued to record for Japan's Sam Corporation, but would not release another full-length album until 2004 when The Old Hyde debuted on Track Records. In June 2008, she made her American debut with Duchess, which was released on Rhino imprint ATCO Records.
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The Old Hyde 2004 The Old Hyde
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