David Tronzo

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David Tronzo possesses a compelling and original guitar sound which stems from his use of the "processed slide- guitar," slide guitar, and dobro in eclectic musical settings. He plays his highly-individual…
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Year Album Artist
2011 Electric Moroccoland/So Below Club d'Elf Slide Guitar
2009 Vancouver '08 Jerry Granelli V16 Slide Guitar, Composer
2008 The Light and Other Things Giacomo Merega Guitar (Electric), Composer, Primary Artist
2007 The Sonic Temple Jerry Granelli V16 Guest Artist, Member of Attributed Artist, Slide Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar, Composer
2006 Aphotic Bryan Baker Slide Guitar
2006 Now I Understand Club d'Elf Slide Guitar
2005 100 Years of Flight: Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA Club d'Elf Member of Attributed Artist, Slide Guitar, Composer
2005 Elvis Murphy's Green Suede Shoes Black 47 Slide Guitar
2005 Gravity All Nonsense Now Club d'Elf Member of Attributed Artist, Slide Guitar, Composer
2005 Just Duet Philip DeGruy Composer
2005 Scratchy Monsters, Laughing Ghosts Stephen Vitiello Slide Guitar, Guitar, Primary Artist
2005 Slow New York Richard Julian Main Personnel, Guitar (Electric)
2004 46bliss 46bliss Guitar, Musician
2003 Dime Grind Palace Sex Mob Guest Artist, Additional Personnel, Slide Guitar
2003 Gigantic J.A. Granelli & Mr. Lucky Slide Guitar
2003 The V16 Project Jerry Granelli V16 Guest Artist, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Sampling, Composer
2003 Walk the Bike Richard Bliwas Slide Guitar, Dobro, Ukulele
2003 You Inspire Me Curtis Stigers Guest Artist, Slide Guitar
2002 Double Life of a Chair Jacek Kochan Guest Artist
2002 On Remote Patrol Michael Baird Featured Artist, Slide Guitar, Guitar
2001 Bright & Dusty Things Stephen Vitiello Guitar
2001 El Oh El Ay J.A. Granelli & Mr. Lucky Guest Artist, Slide Guitar
2001 Kilroy Was Here Larry Kirwan Guest Artist, Slide Guitar
2001 Real Heather Eatman Guest Artist, Slide Guitar
2001 Soul Sessions [Sessions] Slide Guitar
2000 Multi-Colored Chant Chaula Hopefisher Slide Guitar
2000 Redemption Slow Poke Guitar, Guitar (Baritone), Dobro, Composer
2000 Written in Red Louise Taylor Main Personnel, Guitar (Electric), Dobro, Composer
1999 An American Diary, Vol. 2: The Dreamings Mike Mainieri Guest Artist, Guitar, Primary Artist
1999 Candy and Dirt Heather Eatman Guest Artist, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Guitar (Baritone)
1999 Crunch David Tronzo Primary Artist, Mixing, Slide Guitar, Composer
1999 Pistachio Home 46bliss Guitar
1999 Tender Trap Janis Siegel Slide Guitar
1998 At Home Slow Poke Slide Guitar, Guitar (Baritone)
1998 Fishing with John [TV Soundtrack] John Lurie Guest Artist
1998 Luckiest Boy in the World Oren Bloedow Guest Artist, Slide Guitar
1998 Music for Films Phillip Johnston Dobro
1998 Queen of All Ears The Lounge Lizards Slide Guitar
1998 The Colonel Walter Thompson Guitar, Slide Guitar, Soloist
1997 Being Visited Lo Galluccio Composer
1997 Cooler Heads Prevail Akira Satake Guest Artist, Slide Guitar
1997 Excess Baggage Slide Guitar
1997 Kingdom of Champa Michael Blake Guest Artist, Slide Guitar
1996 New Spirits in Jazz Producer, Guitar, Performer, Primary Artist
1996 Slide Crazy! Performer, Composer, Primary Artist
1996 Under Water Sleeping Nicholas Naylor-Leyland Guitar, Background Music
1996 Walking on Locusts John Cale Guest Artist, Guitar (Electric)
1996 Yo! Hey! Tronzo Trio / David Tronzo Primary Artist
1995 Come Together: Guitar Tribute to the Beatles, Vol. 2 Performer, Primary Artist
1995 Knitting Factory at the Whitney Museum Producer, Slide Guitar
1995 Night in Amnesia David Tronzo Primary Artist, Producer, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Dobro, Composer
1995 No Ways Tired Fontella Bass Slide Guitar
1995 Tapestry Revisited: A Tribute to Carole King Slide Guitar
1995 The Upstart Promo Sampler Composer, Primary Artist
1995 Time Was Curtis Stigers Guest Artist, Slide Guitar
1995 Travel On Julian Dawson Guitar, Slide Guitar
1994 Last Day on Earth John Cale / Bob Neuwirth Guest Artist, Guitar
1994 Rags to Britches Spanish Fly Slide Guitar, Composer
1994 Roots David Tronzo Primary Artist, Producer
1994 Small Good Thing Peter Gallway Slide Guitar
1993 Short Cuts Slide Guitar
1993 With You Jim Nolet Guitar
1992 Guitar on the Edge, Vol. 1 Band
1992 Live at the Knitting Factory John Zorn / John Zorn's Cobra Guest Artist
1992 Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble Phillip Johnston / Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble Slide Guitar
1991 Another Hand David Sanborn Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
1991 Life's Too Short Marshall Crenshaw Slide Guitar
1991 Live at the Knitting Factory, Vols. 1-5 Slide Guitar
1990 Live at the Knitting Factory, Vol. 4 Slide Guitar
1989 Bring Yr Camera The President Group Member, Slide Guitar, Guitar (Steel)
1988 Secrets Leni Stern Slide Guitar
Anytime, Anywhere Scott Tarulli Slide Guitar
SoonSoon Michael Baird Featured Artist, Slide Guitar