David Sum


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Year Album Artist
2006 Intuition Soler Engineer
2005 24K Mastersonic Compilation Lui Fong Engineer, Remix Engineer
2005 24k Mastersonic Compilation, Vol. 2 Aaron Kwok Engineer
2005 AK Trilogy: Yours Truly Greatest Hits Aaron Kwok Engineer, Mastering
2005 Completely Yours...Sammi Sammi Cheng Engineer, Mastering
2005 Fascinating Aaron Kwok Engineer, Remix Engineer
2005 I Believe I Can Fly Lui Fong Engineer
2005 I Could Be Zoe Ki Remix Engineer
2005 Last Time Sammi Cheng Engineer
2005 Love Season Lui Fong Engineer, Remix Engineer
2005 Loving You One More Day Lui Fong Remix Engineer
2005 Lui Fong Love Collection Lui Fong Engineer, Remix Engineer
2005 Mandarin Compilation 90 Aaron Kwok Engineer
2005 My Lovely Legend Lui Fong Engineer, Remix Engineer
2005 Real Love Songs: Greatest Hits Lui Fong Engineer, Remix Engineer
2005 Sammi Movie Theme Songs Collection Sammi Cheng Engineer
2005 Stereo (Sheung Shing Dao) [Bonus Media] Soler Engineer
2005 Thank You New Song + Greatest Hits Sammi Cheng Engineer
2005 True Love Lui Fong Engineer
2004 La La La Sammi Cheng Mixing
2003 Beautiful Misunderstanding Sammi Cheng Mastering
2003 In the Still of the Night Aaron Kwok Mastering, Recording
2002 Nicam Greatest Hits 2002 Aaron Kwok Mixing
2002 The Power of Love Aaron Kwok Mastering, Mixing
2002 Wonder Woman Sammi Cheng Mastering
2001 60 Min 28 Sec George Lam Engineer, Remix Engineer
2001 Aaron Kwok Aaron Kwok Engineer
2001 Greatest Heat/Untitled Leslie Cheung Mixing
2001 Sammi Cheng Collection Sammi Cheng Engineer
2000 Fearless vs. Future Aaron Kwok Engineer
2000 Sammi Pre-Concert CD Sammi Cheng Engineer
1999 I Deserved Sammi Cheng Engineer
1999 Sunny Day CoCo Lee Engineer
1998 Sammi Cheng 24K Mastersonic, Vol. II Sammi Cheng Engineer
1998 The Best Remix of Sammi Cheng Sammi Cheng Engineer
1997 Devoted Aaron Kwok Engineer
1997 Our Theme Song Sammi Cheng Engineer
1997 Sammi X Concert Live 96' Sammi Cheng Engineer
1997 Standards for a New Generation Mark Payne Engineer
1996 Can't Let You Go Sammi Cheng Engineer
1996 Never Want to Give You Up Sammi Cheng Engineer
1996 Passion Sammi Cheng Engineer
1996 X Party Remix Kara EP Sammi Cheng Engineer
1993 Creative Album, Vol. 2 George Lam Engineer
24K Mastersonic Compilation Sammi Cheng Engineer
93' Original Works Remastering George Lam Engineer
A Room Represents: The Realazy Mofo.Dbf LMF Mastering
Absolute Voice: Duet Engineer
Absolute Voices Collection Engineer, Remix Engineer
Absolute Voices-Memory Engineer
Absolute Legendary Voices Remastering Engineer, Remix Engineer
George Lam 40th Ann. Greatest Hits 3CD Bonus CD George Lam Engineer
Greatest Hits 2006 Aaron Kwok Engineer
Live On Stage: In Concert 2000/01 Aaron Kwok Engineer
Lui Fong: Greatest Hits Lui Fong Engineer, Remix Engineer
Millennium Greatest Hits, Vol.2 Engineer, Remix Engineer
My Lovely Legend George Lam Engineer
Sammi Touch Mi World Tour Live Sammi Cheng Engineer
Sammi Ultimate Collection Sammi Cheng Engineer, Mastering
Thank You Sugar Club Producer
True Legend 101 Aaron Kwok Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
True Legend 101 Sammi Cheng Engineer, Mastering
Unforgettable Sammi Cheng Engineer, Mastering
Wandering Girl Lui Fong Engineer, Remix Engineer