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Year Album Artist
2020 Sun Racket Throwing Muses Drums, Group Member
2018 Possible Dust Clouds Kristin Hersh Drums
2016 Wyatt at the Coyote Palace Kristin Hersh Art Direction, Design, Cover Art
2016 Swan Song Series Tanya Donelly Drums
2013 Purgatory/Paradise Throwing Muses Group Member
2008 Transmiticate Donita Sparks / The Stellar Moments Package Design
2008 Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young for Charity Drums
2007 Learn to Sing Like a Star Kristin Hersh Drums
2007 In Shock Kristin Hersh Drums
2006 Billy Bragg, Vol. 2 Billy Bragg Drums
2005 Retrospective 1995-2005 Natalie Merchant Main Personnel, Drums
2005 Golden Ocean 50 Foot Wave Cover Photo
2004 Whiskey Tango Ghosts Tanya Donelly Drums
2003 Throwing Muses [2003] Throwing Muses Drums
2002 Sleepwalk Tanya Donelly Drums, Tambourine
2002 Respond, Vol. 2 Drums
2002 Beautysleep Tanya Donelly Drums, Tambourine
1999 Sky Motel Kristin Hersh Drum Programming
1999 Castle of Crime Lakuna Producer, Mixing, Piano, Keyboards, Drums, Cover Design, Cover Art
1998 Murder, Misery and Then Goodnight Kristin Hersh Design, Cover Art
1998 In a Doghouse Throwing Muses Producer, Photography, Drums
1997 Volume 17 Drums
1997 Lovesongs for Underdogs Tanya Donelly Guest Artist, Drums
1996 Limbo Throwing Muses Producer, Design
1995 University Throwing Muses Producer, Group Member
1995 The Holy Single Kristin Hersh Design
1995 Sharks Patrol These Waters Drums, Vocals (Background)
1995 Out Loud: Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Drums
1995 Bright Yellow Gun Throwing Muses Drums, Percussion
1992 Red Heaven Throwing Muses Drums, Vocals (Background), Handwriting
1992 Firepile #2 Throwing Muses Drums, Percussion
1992 Firepile #1 Throwing Muses Drums, Percussion
1991 The Real Ramona Throwing Muses Drums, Design
1991 Just Say Anything: Volume V of Just Say Yes Drums
1991 Don't Try This at Home Billy Bragg Drums
1989 Hunkpapa Throwing Muses Vocals, Drums, Percussion
1988 The Fat Skier Throwing Muses Vocals, Drums, Percussion
1988 Just Say Yo: Vol. 2 of Just Say Yes Drums
1988 House Tornado Throwing Muses Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
1987 Lonely Is an Eyesore Drums, Percussion
1987 Just Say Yes: Sire's Winter CD Music Sampler Drums
1986 Throwing Muses [1986] Throwing Muses Drums, Percussion