David Loeb


Year Title
2000 Asian Madrigals, for piano, Book 6 Keyboard
Autumn Radiant, for japanese flute Chamber Music
Cantata for oboe & strings Concerto Concerto
1994 Chinese Pieces (2), for violin Chamber Music Solo
Desert Fragrance, for piano Keyboard
Double Concerto, for clarinet, bass clarinet & orchestra Concerto
2009 Fantasia on "Sounds of the Surf", for piano Keyboard
Fantasie and Allegro for oboe and Guitar Chamber Music
Fantasies (3) of East Asian Modes (1993) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Folktale 'The Bamboo Cutter', for japanese flute Chamber Music
1997 Gezichten vanaf Nieuw Amsterdam, for transverse flute & renaissance lute Chamber Music Suite
Harmony of Blue, for guitar Chamber Music
Heavenly Beauty, for guitar Chamber Music
1985 Heavensgate, for organ Keyboard Solo
2006 Karin, for khaen Chamber Music
Kinmokusei, for erhu Chamber Music
1986 Kokei, for erhu Chamber Music
1996 Legends, for zither Chamber Music Suite
Listening to Colors, for violin Chamber Music
1976 Litany, for trumpet & piano Chamber Music Litany
Madrigal Vocal Music Madrigal
2011 Madrigaletti, for clarinet & English horn Chamber Music Suite
2009 The Maltese Plaza in Fog, for khaen Chamber Music Character Piece
Masquerade Miscellaneous (Classical)
1975 Moresca, for trumpet & piano Chamber Music Moresca / Morris Dance
1977 Nocturnes (4) for flute, oboe & cello Chamber Music Nocturne
The Old Capital, for japanese flute Chamber Music
The Pleasures of Abundance, for piano Chamber Music
1982 Preludes (6): Studies on Asian pipes for solo piccolo Prelude
1980 Preludes for solo Piccolo Chamber Music Sonata
1984 Presque-Songes (Almost Dreams), for percussion ensemble Chamber Music Suite
Rose Dance, for violin Chamber Music
2005 Scenes from the Japanese Countryside, for piccolo Chamber Music
2000 Sephardic Quintet Chamber Music
Soaring Dreams, for violin Chamber Music
2002 Sonata Lirica, for bass clarinet & piano Chamber Music
Sounds of the Sea, for clarinet Chamber Music
Suite Concertante Miscellaneous (Classical) Suite
1968 Suite for cello & bassoon Chamber Music Suite
2004 Three Friends of Winter, for khaen, flute, cello, guitar & percussion Chamber Music
2008 Three Views of Summer, for shinobue Chamber Music
Transparent Reflections, for piano, No. 1 Keyboard
Transparent Reflections, for piano, No. 2 Keyboard
Transparent Sunbeams, for guitar Chamber Music
1988 Unkei for shinobue & orchestra Concerto Concerto
Voices of Winter, for bass clarinet Chamber Music
Water Sprites, for japanese flute Chamber Music
Windsongs, for clarinet, bass clarinet & ensemble Chamber Music
Winter Landscape, for guitar Chamber Music
Winter Sarabande, for bass flute Chamber Music Sarabande
Yearning for Autumn, for violin Chamber Music
Yuukuu (The Elegant Sky,) for five shakuhachi Chamber Music