Seattle-based songwriter David Karsten Daniels spent his formative years honing his skills in a high-school jazz band and choir, eventually attending university, where he added composition, theory, free improvisation, and performance art to his repertoire. He spent several years in a nomadic state, traveling the world and filtering his experiences through his four-track recorder, many of which appeared on his first two albums, Mayflower (2000) and Out from Under Ligne 4 (2001). After college, Daniels moved to North Carolina and formed the Bu_Hanan Collective with Daniel Hart and Alex Lazara. He put out another experimental solo album, Angles, in 2004, followed by the dense and heavily orchestrated Sharp Teeth in 2007, his first release for England's Fat Cat Records. Fear of Flying arrived in April 2008.
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Fear of Flying 2008 Fear of Flying
Sharp Teeth 2007 Sharp Teeth
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