Dave Perkins' first big break arrived as the guitarist for Chagall Guevara, a Nashville-based college rock band with CCM overtones who released an eponymous album on MCA in 1991. From there, Perkins briefly played in Passafist with fellow Chagall Guevara vet Lynn Nichols before setting out on his own. A native of New York City, Dave Perkins began playing guitar as a teenager. He made his first inroads in the music industry by working as a staff writer at CBS Records, eventually relocating to Nashville as the 1970s came to a close. There, Perkins began gigging as a sideman regularly, playing with country artists. Simultaneously, he began to carve out a career as a country songwriter and producer in Christian music circles. Eventually, his attention turned to the Dave Perkins Band, a group he anchored in New York City. The group released ...
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