Dave Merullo


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Year Album Artist
2007 There Is Nothing New Under the Sun [Bonus Tracks] Coalesce Mastering
2004 Neurot Recordings [Bonus DVD] Mastering
2002 Rise of the Great Machine Supermachiner Editing, Mastering
2002 There Were Wires There Were Wires Mastering
2001 Mosquito Control Isis Editing, Mastering
2001 Piscataqua Scissorfight Mastering
2001 SGNL>05 Isis Editing, Mastering
2000 Celestial Isis Mastering
2000 Expose Your Overdubs Stephen Brodsky Engineer
2000 Hordes to Abolish the Divine Cattle Press Mastering
2000 Meditations in B Old Man Gloom Editing, Mastering
2000 New Hampshire Scissorfight Mastering
2000 Xenophile Seven Acres Mastering
1999 $100 Fine [Arf Arf] The Litter Pre-Mastering
1999 Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline Drowningman Mastering
1999 Creative Eclipses Cave In Mastering
1999 In the Eyes of God Today Is the Day Mastering
1999 It All Comes Down to This Bane Mastering
1999 Lost Tapes 1965-1966 The Lost Mastering
1999 The Red Sea Isis Mastering
1999 Until Your Heart Stops Cave In Mastering
1998 Blues 88's: Boogie Woogie Instrumentals Mastering
1998 Blues Guitar Masters [Easydisc] Mastering
1998 Blues Harp Hotshots Mastering
1998 Blues Joint Mastering
1998 Blues Road Trip: City to City Mastering
1998 Cajun & Zydeco Festival Mastering
1998 Cajun Magic: Instrumentals from Louisiana Mastering
1998 Crusades of Reality Grimlock Mastering
1998 Eastern PA 60's Soul Pre-Mastering
1998 Eastern PA Rock, Vol. 2 (1966-1969) Pre-Mastering
1998 Flyte (1967-1968) The Flowerz Pre-Mastering
1998 Heavy Petting The Love Dogs Mastering
1998 Jupiter 88 [EP] Jupiter 88 Mastering
1998 Mardi Gras Time Mastering
1998 Pat Farrell & the Believers (1966-1968) Pat Farrell Pre-Mastering
1998 Scotland the Brave: Scottish Pipes & Drums Mastering
1998 Spajazzy Spajazzy Mastering
1998 The B-3 and Me Davell Crawford Mastering
1997 A Heavy Dose of Lyte Psych Pre-Mastering
1997 Blue Cat Blues: All Instrumental Mastering
1997 Blues After Hours [Easydisc] Mastering
1997 Blues Bar-B-Que Mastering
1997 Blues Cruise: Ten for the Highway Mastering
1997 Blues Guitar Duels Mastering
1997 Blues Guitar Power Mastering
1997 Blues Harp Power Mastering
1997 Blues Moods Mastering
1997 Blues Sax Power Mastering
1997 Blues T-Bone Style Mastering
1997 Cajun Cookin' [Easy Disc] Mastering
1997 Celtic Magic: 11 Irish Instrumentals Mastering
1997 Divine Divas: A World of Women's Voices Mastering Assistant
1997 Duke Robillard Plays Blues: The Rounder Years Duke Robillard Mastering
1997 Estamos en Tejas Los Dos Gilbertos Mastering
1997 Goin' to the Zoo Tom Paxton Mastering
1997 Hard Luck Machine Delta Clutch Mastering
1997 I've Got a Yo-Yo Tom Paxton Mastering
1997 Ice Cream Tricycle Ultrabreakfast Mastering
1997 New Blues Hits Mastering
1997 New Orleans Blues Party Mastering
1997 Overdose of Heavy Psych Pre-Mastering
1997 Peter Rabbit Dee Jay & The Runaways Pre-Mastering
1997 Plays Jazz: The Rounder Years Duke Robillard Mastering
1997 Reaching Steven Lantner Mastering
1997 Roberto Pulido Y Los Clasicos Roberto Pulido Mastering
1997 Space Amazon Pandora CD Pre-Mastering
1997 Tex-Mex Fiesta [Easydisc] Mastering
1997 Texas Blues Guitar Mastering
1997 Winds of War Sub Version Mastering
1997 Zydeco Dance Hall Mastering
1996 Best Damn Chicken in the Fair Crazy Alice Mastering
1995 Uncommon Sense Jimmy Tingle Mastering
1994 Forward into the Past Amenity Mastering
1993 Coast to Coast Weller Bros. Mastering
1993 Too Good to Title Ellen Johnson Mastering
1983 Rock with Me Tonight J.B. Hutto & the Hawks Mastering
1967 Distortions The Litter Pre-Mastering