Dave Knowles


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Year Album Artist
2009 Classical Chinese Folk Music Chen Dacan Chinese Ensemble Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2009 Yeti Boombox Maplewood Trumpet
2008 Masters of Percussion, Vol. 3 Hossam Ramzy Engineer
2007 Cairo Nights: Bellydance Bar Hossam Ramzy Engineer, Mixing
2007 Flower of Scotland: Best of Pipes and Drums Pride of Murray Pipe Band Engineer, Mixing
2006 Arabic Songs from North Africa Chalf Hassan Engineer, Mixing
2006 Viva Mexico De Norte a Sur / Trio Azteca / Trio Azteca de Norte A Sur Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2005 Best of Caribbean Steeldrums Ebony Steelband / Red Stripe Ebony / Red Stripe Ebony Steelband Engineer
2005 Mexico [Arc] Mariachi Azteca Engineer, Mixing
2005 Venice Is Sinking/What We Do Is Secret [Split EP] Venice Is Sinking Guitar, Group Member
2004 DJ-Kicks Daddy G Liner Notes
2004 Scottish Pipes & Drums Waltham Forest Pipe Band Engineer, Mixing
2003 He Was Fab: A Loving Tribute to George Harrison Trumpet
2003 Latin Steel Marcia Ferreira / Ulises Hermosa / London All Stars Steel Orchestra / Alberto Maravi Engineer, Mixing
2002 A Tribute to Samy el Bably Hossam Ramzy Engineer, Mixing
2002 Live in London, England Dale Watson Photography
2002 Songs & Dances from Africa Adzido Engineer, Mixing
2001 A Camp A Camp Trumpet
2001 Simple Days Champale Trumpet, Percussion
2001 This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation Trumpet
2000 Classical Chinese Folk Music [Arc] Engineer
2000 Pan African Dance Ensemble: Traditional Songs & Dances from Afrika Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble Engineer, Mixing
2000 Secrets of the Eye Hossam Ramzy Engineer, Mixing
2000 Songs & Dances from Poland Karolinka Engineer, Mixing
1999 Compact Guide to Pop Music & Space Travel The Clint Boon Experience Photography
1999 Steel Drum Party Engineer
1999 Turkish Traditional Music in a Contemporary Form Shimal Producer, Engineer
1998 Master of the Indian Sitar Rash Behari Datta Engineer, Mixing
1998 Scotland the Brave: Scottish Pipes & Drums Engineer
1997 Fiesta Mexicana: Mariachi & Folksongs Trio Azteca Engineer, Mixing
1997 Rhythms of the Nile Hossam Ramzy Engineer, Mixing
1997 The Best of Baladi and Saaidi Hossam Ramzy Mixing
1996 Thand Abantwana Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble Engineer, Mixing
1995 Egyptian Rai [1994] Hossam Ramzy Engineer, Mixing, Recorder
1995 Shakuhachi: The Japanese Bamboo Flute Richard Stagg Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1995 The Best of Mariachi Azteca Mariachi Azteca Engineer, Mixing
1994 Akwaaba Songs & Dances From Black Africa Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble Engineer, Mixing
1994 Amazing Grace Beeston Pipe Band Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1994 Bazaar Marrakesh Chalf Hassan Engineer, Mixing
1994 Chinese Flute: Chinese Classical Folk Music Li He Engineer
1994 Master Drummer of India Sarvar Sabri Engineer, Mixing
1994 Rembetika: Talking to Charos (Urban Greek Music) Engineer, Mixing
1994 The Japanese Koto Ayako Hotta-Lister Engineer, Mixing
1994 Traditional Scottish Pipes and Drums Waltham Forest Pipe Band Engineer, Mixing
1991 Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums Pride of Murray Pipe Band Engineer, Mixing
1991 Latin American Hits London All Stars Steel Orchestra Engineer, Mixing
1991 Popular Turkish Folk Songs Vivienne Dogan Corringham / Vivienne Dogan-Corringham / Dogan-Corringham/Hadjineophyto / George Hadjineophytou Engineer
1989 Passion - Sources Engineer
1988 Rohe: Classical Egyptian Dance Hossam Ramzy / Essam Rashad Engineer, Mixing
1986 Throwing Muses [1986] Throwing Muses Keyboards
1971 Tonton Macoute Tonton Macoute Vocals, Flute, Clarinet, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor), Electric Saxophone, Wind, Composer