Dave Buchanan


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Year Album Artist
2015 Jamison Road Jamison Road Mixing, Mastering
2005 All We Know Is Falling Paramore Engineer
2004 Curvature of the Earth Glide Digital Editing
2003 Amos House Collection, Vol. 3 Assistant Engineer
2002 This Old Hat Ed Bruce Engineer
2001 Finelines My Vitriol Engineer
1998 Barbed Wire Soul Blackstar Engineer, Cowbell, Tambourine
1998 Chain Reaction Hurricane #1 Assistant Engineer
1998 Free Huey [#1] The Boo Radleys Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1998 Free Huey [#2] The Boo Radleys Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Assistant
1998 Interpretations: Today's Great Artists Perform Yesterday's Classics Engineer, Mixing
1998 Kingsize The Boo Radleys Assistant Engineer
1998 Outspaced Super Furry Animals Engineer
1998 Subtitles Cecil Engineer, Mixing
1997 Barafundle Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Assistant Engineer
1997 Demons Super Furry Animals Assistant Engineer
1997 Play It Cool Super Furry Animals Assistant Engineer
1997 Radiator Super Furry Animals Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1997 Spiders Space Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1997 The International Language of Screaming Super Furry Animals Assistant Engineer
1996 Cream Holy Barbarians Mixing Assistant
1996 Elegy Amorphis Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1995 Burned Electrafixion Engineer, Mixing, Assistant Engineer
1995 Copacabana 1994 London Cast / Original London Cast Assistant Engineer
1995 Lowdown Electrafixion Engineer
1995 Never [US] Electrafixion Engineer
1994 Complicated Futility of Ignorance Fudge Tunnel Engineer
1994 Devil Hopping Inspiral Carpets Assistant
1994 Heartwork Carcass Audio Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1994 I Want You Inspiral Carpets Assistant
1994 Need to Control Brutal Truth Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1994 Slow Buildings Pale Saints Assistant Engineer
1994 Sulk Molly Half Head Engineer
1994 The Final Remixes Die Krupps Engineer
1993 Baby Silvertooth Belly Assistant Engineer
1993 Feed the Tree Belly Assistant Engineer
1993 Gepetto [Remix Disc 2] Belly Assistant Engineer
1993 The Love of Hopeless Causes New Model Army Engineer
1992 Gepetto [EP] Belly Assistant Engineer
1992 Pig Symphony Scorpio Rising Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1991 Bandwagonesque Teenage Fanclub Handclapping, Percussion, Assistant Engineer
1991 Hold on to the Dream Demon Assistant Engineer
1991 Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious Carcass Assistant
1991 Raw The Alarm Engineer
Mirrors and Windows Bob Ray Engineer
Never Electrafixion Engineer
The Hard Way Sienna Morgan Mastering