Dave Brubaker


(1-85 of 85)
Year Album Artist
2016 Weightless Liz Longley Assistant Engineer
2006 Other True Self Vernon Reid & Masque Photography, Package Design
2004 30 Seconds Over D.C. Bass
2004 Known Unknown Vernon Reid & Masque Package Design
2003 All by Hisself: Live at the Lonestar Dr. John Graphic Design
2003 No Escape from the Blues: The Electric Lady Sessions James Blood Ulmer Art Direction, Package Design
2003 Radikal Techno, Vol. 7: Audio Assault Illustrations, Design
2003 Time After Time, Vol. 2 Package Design
2003 Trance Mix USA, Vol. 4 Package Design
2003 Warp Factor Warp Brothers Design
2002 Front End Lifter Yohimbe Brothers Photography, Art Direction, Design
2002 Higher Ground T.S. Monk Band Art Direction
2001 Memphis Blood: The Sun Sessions James Blood Ulmer Art Direction, Design
2001 Radikal Hardcore Illustrations, Package Design
2001 State of Trance [Radikal] Illustrations, Package Design
2001 Viva Ibiza Illustrations, Package Design
2000 Best of the 60's Freddie & the Dreamers Art Direction, Design
1999 Un Camino Para Ti Laura Miller Violin
1997 Rhythm Chamber DJ Hardware Design, Packaging
1997 Trip Hop Acid Phunk, Vol. 4 Design
1996 The Songs of Robert Burns, Vols. 5 & 6 Jean Redpath Trumpet
1996 Trip Hop Acid Phunk, Vol. 2 Art Direction, Design
1995 Adrenalin Hardcore Rush, Vol. 1 Illustrations, Art Direction, Design
1995 Brainstorm Jax Illustrations, Design
1994 Acid Jazz, Vol. 1 [Instinct] Design
1994 At Midnight: Tk Dance Classics Remixed for the '90's Art Direction, Design
1994 Evening With Don Williams: Best Live Don Williams Design
1994 The Truly Great Hits Vern Gosdin Design
1993 Love Is Everywhere G.T.O. Artwork
1993 Roxbury 02119 Ed O.G & da Bulldogs Design
1993 Stompin' Poizon Posse Design
1993 Story So Far Moby Artwork, Design
1993 The Best of Techno, Vol. 4 Art Direction
1992 Back on the Street Ron C Design
1992 Back to the Hotel N2Deep Art Direction, Design
1992 If I Only Knew Rise Robots Rise Design
1992 Kickin Mental Detergent Design
1992 Killer Techno, Vol. 1 Producer
1992 Moby Moby Art Direction, Design
1992 Rough Nardo Ranking Nardo Ranks Art Direction
1992 Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop Diamond and the Psychotic Neurotics / Diamond D Design
1992 The Best of Techno, Vol. 2 [Profile] Art Direction, Design
1992 This Is Acid Jazz, Vol. 2 Design
1992 Turning Point Barrington Levy Art Direction, Design
1992 X-Static, Vol. 4: Radikal Techno Art Direction, Design
1991 2nd II None 2nd II None Art Direction, Design
1991 African Soldiers Sonny Okosun Art Direction, Design
1991 Double Barrel Twin Hype Art Direction, Design
1991 Drop a Beat Moby Design
1991 Next Is the E Moby Design
1991 Present Soundboy Clash Steely & Clevie Art Direction
1991 Stopper Cutty Ranks Illustrations, Design
1991 Together Forever: Greatest Hits 1983-1991 Run-D.M.C. Art Direction, Design
1989 Original Stylin' Three Times Dope Design
1989 Working Girl [Original Soundtrack] Design
1988 Greatest Hits Live Carly Simon Design
1983 Kashif Kashif Design
Go Moby Design