She used to play Stephanie Mills on the popular '70s television sitcoms All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place, but singer/songwriter Danielle Brisebois is not that innocent little girl she once portrayed. Most known for her cut on the As Good As It Gets soundtrack, Brisebois' breezy yet cathartic vocals are hauntingly similar to those of another dominating female musician, Alanis Morissette. Brisebois is a raging woman with burning desires and disgusts, and such fire was captured on her debut Arrive All Over You. Released in 1994, a year prior to Morissette's mega-successful Jagged Little Pill, Arrive All Over You was lost in the slew of lingering grunge and harkening R&B artists. Arrive All Over You, which credits heavy collaborations with singer/producer/songwriter Gregg Alexander, did catch a brief buzz in Europe. Four years ...
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Portable Life 1999 Portable Life
Arrive All Over You 1994 Arrive All Over You
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