Daniel Bergstrand

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Year Album Artist
2018 I Loved You at Your Darkest Behemoth Producer, Drum Producer
2017 Anticult Decapitated Mixing
2017 I Am Legion Witchery Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2016 In His Infernal Majesty's Service Witchery Producer, Mixing
2016 Nightmares in the Waking State, Pt. 2 Solution .45 Drum Engineering
2016 Where Shadows Forever Reign Dark Funeral Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2014 Siren Charms In Flames Producer, Engineer, Vocals (Background)
2014 The Ophidian Trek Meshuggah Mixing
2014 The Satanist Behemoth Producer
2013 The Sinister Supremacy Darkane Mixing
2012 Hatred, Love and Diagrams El Caco Producer, Engineer
2012 Jerusalem Astral Doors Mixing, Mastering
2011 Abyssus Abyssum Invocat Behemoth Mixing
2011 Blind & Seduced Shraphead Mixing, Mastering
2011 Burn In Beautiful Fire Insense Producer
2011 Carnival Is Forever Decapitated Mixing
2011 Djerv Djerv Engineer
2011 Glorious Collision Evergrey Engineer, Mixing
2011 Sounds of a Playground Fading In Flames Producer, Arranger, Vocal Engineer
2010 Abrahadabra Dimmu Borgir Engineer
2010 Alive Meshuggah Mixing
2010 Reptilian Keep of Kalessin Mixing, Drum Engineering
2009 Evangelion Behemoth Producer
2008 A Sense of Purpose In Flames Producer, Engineer, Vocal Engineer
2008 Dark Matter, Energynoir Mencea Mixing
2008 Ezkaton Behemoth Mixing
2008 Hallucinations Soundborne Mixing
2008 Isolation Fear My Thoughts Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 Rock 'n' Roll Devil Helltrain Mixing
2008 Venomized Enemy Is Us Engineer
2007 Absolute Design Engel Engineer, Mixing
2007 Cut from Stone Susperia Mixing
2007 Nuclear Blast 20th Anniversary Engineer
2007 Subversive Blueprint The Destiny Program Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Additional Personnel, Programming, Sampling
2007 The Apostasy Behemoth Mixing
2007 The Dying Wonders of the World The Duskfall Producer, Mixing, Guitar
2007 The Silence We Deserve Scarpoint Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2007 The Undercurrent Scarve Producer, Audio Production
2006 Antidote Lowdown Mixing
2006 Arrows Stonegard Audio Production
2006 Come Clarity In Flames Drum Recordings, Vocal Recording
2006 Destruction Time Again! Loch Vostok Drum Technician
2006 God Has a Plan for Us All Angtoria Mixing, Drum Engineering
2006 Route 666 Helltrain Mixing
2006 Slaves Shall Serve Behemoth Mixing
2006 Sound of the Republic Raised Fist Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering
2005 Alone in the Dark: Music from and Inspired by Alone in the Dark Producer, Mixing
2005 Attera Totus Sanctus Dark Funeral Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Burn the Street, Vol. 4 Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Hydra Satariel Producer, Engineer
2005 Intra Ram-Zet Producer, Mixing, Audio Production
2005 Liyah In Grey Mixing, Drum Producer
2005 Reclaim the Beat Defleshed Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Stabbing the Drama Soilwork Producer, Engineer
2004 Demigod Behemoth Audio Engineer, Mixing
2004 Irradiant Scarve Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Sampling, Vocal Arrangement
2004 MTV2 Headbangers Ball, Vol. 2 Producer, Mixing
2004 Soundtrack to Your Escape In Flames Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2003 Figure Number Five Soilwork Engineer, Drum Engineering
2003 Freddy vs. Jason [Original Soundtrack] Producer, Mixing
2003 Hooray! It's a Death Trip The Quill Mixing
2003 Killing Angels Nine Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2003 MTV2 Headbangers Ball Producer, Mixing
2003 Ocean Machine Devin Townsend Engineer, Mixing
2003 Pieces of Primal Expressionism Mörk Gryning Producer
2003 Royal Straight Flesh Defleshed Mixing, Mastering
2003 Sulphur Tears In Grey Producer, Mixing
2003 Terra Incognito The Great Deceiver Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Tribute to the Beast, Vol. 2 [CD #1] Producer
2003 Trigger EP In Flames Producer, Mixing
2002 Dedication Raised Fist Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Evilusion Undercroft Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2002 Expanding Senses Darkane Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Frailty The Duskfall Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Frailty/Source The Duskfall Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Luminiferous Scarve Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Reroute to Remain In Flames Producer, Mixing
2002 Shadowland Nocturnal Rites Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Vansinnesvisor Thyrfing Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Fiddle, Choir/Chorus
2001 Extension of the Wish Andromeda Producer, Engineer
2001 Ignoring the Guidelines Raised Fist Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2001 Insanity Darkane Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2001 Rapture Dragonlord Mixing
2001 Violate This Stuck Mojo Engineer
1999 Rusted Angel Darkane Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
1999 Sol Niger Within Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects Mixing
1999 Spineless Regression Flagellation Producer, Mixing
1998 Chaosphere Meshuggah Engineer, Mixing, Mixdown Engineer
1998 Fracture Lost Souls Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1997 City Strapping Young Lad Producer, Engineer
1997 Metallurgy, Vol. 3: Smoke 'Em If You've Got 'Em Producer
1997 Ocean Machine/Biomech [MVP Japan] Devin Townsend Engineer, Mixing
1997 The Secrets of the Black Arts Dark Funeral Remastering, Remixing, Digital Remixing
1996 Pigwalk Stuck Mojo Producer, Engineer, Sampling
1995 Kiss the Goat Lord Belial Producer
1981 F.K.Ü. Mixing
Announcing the End Sparzanza Mixing, Mastering
Bad Horses Bottle Next Mixing
Bellatrix Frantic Amber Mixing
Carnage LIK Assistant Engineer
Catch 22 Beyond Visions Producer, Engineer
Enslaved by Fear Beneath Mixing
Fränder Fränder Mixing
Molok Gazpacho Mixing
Mother Gray Eshtadur Mastering
Origin Oddland Mixing, Mastering
The Shadow Archetype Evocation Producer, Engineer, Mixing
The High Heat Licks Against Heaven Nidingr Mixing
Támsins Likam Hamferð Mixing
Uro Producer