Dan Suter


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Year Album Artist
2017 Big Rocks Krokus Mastering
2017 Evocation II: Pantheon Eluveitie Mastering
2017 Snakes & Ladders Shakra Mastering
2016 Mountain Czar Karma to Burn Mastering
2015 Count to Ten Damian Lynn Mastering
2014 Origins Eluveitie Mastering
2012 Helvetios Eluveitie Mastering
2012 Legacy: Live from ICF Zurich ICF Worship Mastering
2011 Take a Stand: Live Worship ICF Zürich Mixing, Mastering
2010 Horizon Hr. Pssst Mastering
2010 Unplugged Seven Mastering
2009 Piffkaneiro Koj Mastering
2009 The Spooky Sound Sessions Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Mastering
2009 War on the Inside 69 Chambers Mastering
2008 Kingstonlogic 2.0 Terry Lynn Mastering
2007 Bourgeois Baby The Hillbilly Moon Explosion Mastering
2007 Stolen View Leech Mastering
2007 The Moholo Songs: Jazzthing Next Generation, Vol. 16 Jochen-Subnoder Baldes Mastering
2006 Best of 1995-2005 DJ Energy Mastering
2006 Da Domani Antonella Rocco Mastering
2006 Still Young Anna Mastering
2006 Your Favorite Position Is on Your Knees Reverend Beat-Man & the Un-Believers Mastering
2005 Abhangig Mad Group Mixing, Mastering
2005 By Popular Demand The Hillbilly Moon Explosion Mastering
2005 Colours Billy Cobham / CultureMix Mastering Engineer
2005 In Too Deep 6152 Too Shy Mastering
2005 Jo Sifert: Live Fast Die Young Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Mastering
2005 Play the Comedy Moisha Mastering
2005 Thermi Bucher Mastering
2004 Rhythmousse Turntablos Mastering
2004 The Art of How to Fall Rebekka Bakken Mastering
2003 Introducing... The Hillbilly Moon Explosion Mastering
2003 Metamorphosis Freeform Arkestra Mastering
2003 Passion N Patience Leme Mastering
2001 Get on Your Knees Reverend Beat-Man & the Un-Believers Mastering
2001 Normal Bligg Composer
2001 Reverend Beat-Man & The Un-Believers Reverend Beat-Man & the Un-Believers Mastering
1999 This Is Groove Composer
Angels Cast Shadows Miracle Flair Mastering
Atlantic Crossing Atlantic Crossing Mastering
Cigarros Explosivos! Jaro Milko and the Cubalkanics Mastering
Favorite Times Renata Friederich Mastering
Flamingo Peacocks Mastering
Go! Deathrope Mastering
Hallo Erde Plankton Mastering
Hey World Caroline Chevin Mastering
High Noon Shakra Mastering
Love Hz Deathrope Mastering
Nilo's Marli: Folg 2 - S Pirate-Abentuur Uf Em Zurisee Mastering
Nilo's Marli: Folg 4 - S Marli Vom Mond Und Em Ritter Mastering
Nilo's Märli: Folg 3 - S Gheimnis Vom Zwerg Schludimumpf Mastering
Nilo's Märli: Folg 5 - S Abentuur Im Drachewald Mastering
Nilo's Märli: Sonderausgabe Nr. 1 Mastering
Pacific Gold Timothy Jaromir Mastering
Sexy Toy Dolls Room Twenty One Mastering
Street Parade: Best of Street Parade Mastering
The Angry and Enraged Implosion Circle Mastering
The Early Years Eluveitie Mastering
The Soundwave Grand Pianoramax Mastering
Time to Talk Organ X Mastering
Twenty-First Century Death Mechanism Mastering
Walking Pa'lante Lariba Mastering