Dan SeaGrave


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Year Album Artist
2017 Axis Mundi Decrepit Birth Cover Art
2017 For the Fallen Memoriam Artwork
2015 Tierra y Libertad Xibalba Cover Art
2013 No Rest, No Peace Alpha & Omega Cover Art
2013 The Conscious Seed of Light Rivers of Nihil Cover Illustration
2012 Hasta La Muerte Xibalba Paintings
2012 I Am Becoming the Archetype Paintings, Cover Art
2011 Celestial Completion Becoming the Archetype Paintings
2011 Dead Throne The Devil Wears Prada Illustrations
2011 Worlds Torn Asunder Warbringer Cover Art
2010 Beyond the Gate Wretched Cover Art
2010 Polarity Decrepit Birth Cover Art
2010 Sovereign Descent Landmine Marathon Cover Art
2010 The World Is a Thorn Demon Hunter Cover Painting
2009 Concordat Conspiracy Cover Design
2009 SOT The Few Against Many Artwork
2009 Unleash the Carnivore Devourment Cover Art
2009 Waking into Nightmares Warbringer Cover Art
2009 With Roots Above and Branches Below The Devil Wears Prada Illustrations
2008 Diminishing Between Worlds Decrepit Birth Cover Art
2008 Earache Death Metal Pack Cover Art
2008 Mistaken for Dead Resurrection Artwork, Cover Art
2007 Behind the Shadows Lie Madness Mithras Cover Art
2007 Tales From The Tomb Evocation Artwork
2006 God That Never Was Dismember Cover Art
2006 Mind Reflections Pestilence Cover Art
2005 Terminate Damnation Becoming the Archetype Artwork
2005 The Triptych Demon Hunter Paintings, Cover Painting
2004 Considered Dead/The Erosion of Sanity Gorguts Cover Illustration
2004 Souls to Deny Suffocation Cover Art
2004 Where Ironcrosses Grow Dismember Cover Painting
2003 ...And Time Begins Decrepit Birth Cover Art
2003 Consuming Impulse/Testimony of the Ancients Pestilence Concept, Cover Illustration
2003 Effigy of the Forgotten/Pierced from Within Suffocation Cover Illustration
2000 Gateways to Annihilation Morbid Angel Illustrations
1997 Masters of Misery-Black Sabbath: The Earache Tribute Paintings
1994 Weave the Apocalypse Invocator Concept, Cover Art
1993 Breeding the Spawn Suffocation Illustrations
1993 Embalmed Existence Resurrection Cover Art
1993 Spheres Pestilence Illustrations, Artwork, Cover Illustration
1993 Stillborn Malevolent Creation Illustrations, Artwork
1993 The Erosion of Sanity Gorguts Illustrations, Cover Art Concept
1993 The Spectral Sorrows Edge of Sanity Artwork
1992 Imperial Doom Monstrosity Artwork
1992 Retribution Malevolent Creation Illustrations, Artwork
1991 Clandestine Entombed Art Direction, Cover Art
1991 Considered Dead Gorguts Illustrations, Cover Illustration
1991 Effigy of the Forgotten Suffocation Artwork, Cover Art
1991 Like an Everflowing Stream Dismember Design, Cover Design, Cover Art
1991 The Ten Commandments Malevolent Creation Illustrations, Artwork
1990 Left Hand Path Entombed Cover Art
1990 The Key Nocturnus Cover Art
Fragmented Self Macabra / Nucleus Cover Painting
Hallucinogenesis Lesbian Cover Painting
Monarchy Rivers of Nihil Cover Illustration
New Depths Lowered A.D. Artwork
Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible Relics of Humanity Artwork
Oppression Incite Cover Design
Reign of Ungodly Creation Decimation Cover Art
Remnants Rude Cover Art
Sentient Nucleus Cover Art
Soul Recall Rude Cover Illustration
Subconscious Release Desecrator Cover Illustration
The Unknown The Vision Bleak Cover Art
True Enemy Disgrace Cover Art
Up in Hell Incite Cover Art