Dan Rathbun

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Year Album Artist
2016 Born of the Sun Faun Fables Mixing
2013 Snack(s) miRthkon Mixing Consultant
2010 Light of a Vaster Dark Faun Fables Producer, Mixing
2010 The Bowls Project Charming Hostess Engineer
2009 Vehicle miRthkon Mixing
2008 Century Media Covers Century Engineer, Mixing
2008 More Popular Than Presidents and Generals Mute Socialite Mastering
2008 Still, Nothing Moves You Ceremony Engineer, Mixing
2008 You're Not a Dream The Mommyheads Engineer
2007 2 Rooms Of Uranium in 83 Markers:Conducted Improvisations, Vol.II Moe Staiano Producer, Mastering
2007 Ekvílibríum Valgeir Sigurðsson Engineer
2007 Nostalgia del Buio Mastering
2006 An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein and Other Whereabouts Moe! Staiano's MOE!KESTRA! Producer, Mastering
2006 The Illusion of Joy miRthkon Mixing
2006 The Transit Rider Faun Fables Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Bass, Logs, Mastering
2006 There Be Squabbles Ahead Stolen Babies Guest Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Tuba
2005 Joy of Suffering Eric McFadden Audio Production, Composer
2005 Three Piece Combo Three Piece Combo Mixing
2004 Early Song Faun Fables Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Family Album Faun Fables Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Fucked from Birth Artimus Pyle Engineer
2004 Golden Grouper, Vol. 1 Engineer
2004 Of Natural History Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Lute, Trombone, Bass, Logs, Composer
2004 Sarajevo Blues Charming Hostess Engineer, Audio Engineer, Additional Personnel, Guitar (Bass), Bass
2004 Thick Red Pocket Engineer
2003 Displacement Phantom Limbs Producer, Engineer
2003 Great Jewish Music: Sasha Argov Engineer, Bass
2003 Songs for Psychotic Children The Vanishing Mixing
2003 Songs from the Street: 35 Years of Music [3 Discs] Sesame Street Composer
2003 Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations Moe! Staiano's MOE!KESTRA! Producer, Editing, Mastering
2003 Voices in the Wilderness John Zorn Engineer
2002 The Great Dumbening GrndNtl BRNDS Mastering
2001 All My Waking Moments in a Jar Mumble & Peg Engineer, Mastering
2001 Announcing The Red Bennies Mastering
2001 Civil Dead Artimus Pyle Engineer
2001 Endure or More Heart of Snow Engineer
2001 Grand Opening and Closing Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Autoharp, Piano, Guitar (Bass), Mastering, Composer
2001 Half-Wit Anthems Deadweight Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2001 Kill the Dreamer's Dream Fleshies Engineer, Mixing
2001 Mother Twilight Faun Fables Audio Engineer
2000 Communicating for Influence GrndNtl BRNDS Engineer
2000 East Timor Benefit Album Composer
2000 Essential Schlong Schlong Engineer
2000 Music for Air Raids Ether Engineer
1999 Deathmarch 2000 Word Salad Engineer
1999 Ears (Usi) Uz Jsme Doma Engineer
1999 Eat Charming Hostess Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass
1999 This Ungodly Hour Mumble & Peg Engineer
1999 Wonders of Giardia Creeps on Candy Producer
1998 Sesame Street: Fiesta! Songs Sesame Street Composer
1998 Thumb of the Maid Thumb of The Maid Mastering
1997 15 Counts of Arson His Hero Is Gone Engineer
1997 Fancy Idiot Flesh Engineer, Vocals, Cello, Trombone, Horn, Musical Saw, Bass, Multi Instruments, Talking, Composer
1997 Monuments to Thieves His Hero Is Gone Engineer
1997 Wondering in Volume Mumble & Peg Producer
1996 Dressed in Milk! Giant Ant Farm Producer, Engineer
1996 Eyesore: A Stab at the Residents Mixing, Bass, Digital Editing
1995 Lemonlime, Vol. 1 Engineer
1995 Punk Side Story Schlong Producer, Engineer
1995 Teen Devil Worshipper Idiot Flesh Engineer, Vocals, Cello, Bass
1994 Here Hieronymus Firebrain Engineer
1994 Nothing Show Idiot Flesh Engineer, Vocals, Cello, Trombone, Bass, Megaphone, Composer
1990 Tales of Instant Knowledge and Sure Death Idiot Flesh Engineer, Vocals, Cello, Bass, Composer
Brainoil Brainoil Engineer
Edit Peptide Bubblemath Drums, Bass
From These Small Seeds Moetar Mixing, Mastering
Vol. 3: Year of the Wooden Horse Rabbit Rabbit Radio Featured Artist