Dan Osborn


(1-98 of 98)
Year Album Artist
2017 Best Troubador Bonnie "Prince" Billy Artwork
2017 Burning the Threshold Six Organs of Admittance Layout
2017 Esker Bill MacKay Cover Layout
2017 Plum Wand Artwork, Layout
2017 SpiderBeetleBee Bill MacKay / Ryley Walker Layout
2016 Born of the Sun Faun Fables Design, Layout
2016 Here Come the Rattling Trees The High Llamas Layout
2016 Nine Suns, One Morning The Silence Layout
2016 Pond Scum Bonnie "Prince" Billy Layout
2015 Alasdair Roberts Alasdair Roberts Layout
2015 Don't Weigh Down the Light Meg Baird Layout
2015 Hark the Silence The Silence Layout
2015 Hexadic Six Organs of Admittance Layout
2015 The Silence The Silence Layout
2014 Singer's Grave/A Sea of Tongues Bonnie "Prince" Billy Layout
2014 Voices in a Rented Room New Bums Layout
2013 What the Brothers Sang Bonnie "Prince" Billy / Dawn McCarthy Layout
2012 Ascent Six Organs of Admittance Layout
2012 Brain Pulse Music Masaki Batoh Layout
2012 Silencio Laetitia Sadier Layout
2012 Urstan Mairi Morrison / Alasdair Roberts Design
2011 Asleep on the Floodplain Six Organs of Admittance Layout
2011 Orgy of Murder Gorgasm Logo
2011 Talahomi Way The High Llamas Layout
2011 Wilson Semiconductors The Howling Hex Layout
2011 Wolfroy Goes to Town Bonnie "Prince" Billy Layout
2010 Have One on Me Joanna Newsom Layout
2010 Light of a Vaster Dark Faun Fables Design
2010 The Good Old-Fashioned Way Hamper Mcbee Layout
2010 The Wonder Show of the World Bonnie "Prince" Billy / Cairo Gang Layout
2010 Too Long in This Condition Alasdair Roberts Layout
2010 Visceral Transcendence Inherit Disease Drums, Vocals
2009 Balf Quarry Magik Markers Artwork, Cover Art
2009 Beware Bonnie "Prince" Billy Layout Design
2009 Ouled Bambara: Portraits Of Gnawa Layout Design
2009 The Freak of Araby Richard Bishop Layout Design
2009 The Wyrd Meme Alasdair Roberts Layout Design
2008 Lie Down in the Light Bonnie "Prince" Billy Layout Design
2007 Aluminium Lake Concentrick Art Direction
2007 Amber Gatherers Alasdair Roberts Layout Design
2007 Diamond Dancer Bill Callahan Layout Design
2007 Randall of Nazareth Randall of Nazareth Layout Design
2007 Shelter from the Ash Six Organs of Admittance Design, Layout Design
2007 Sighs Trapped by Liars Art & Language / The Red Krayola Layout Design
2007 Strange Form of Life Bonnie "Prince" Billy Layout Design
2007 VI The Fucking Champs Art Direction
2007 Western Xterminator RTX Layout Design
2006 Introduction The Red Krayola Cover Art
2006 Sun Awakens Six Organs of Admittance Layout Design
2006 The Transit Rider Faun Fables Graphic Design
2005 It's a Game Edith Frost Layout Design
2005 Metamorphosis: Ghost Chronicles 1984-2004 Ghost Design
2005 Superwolf Bonnie "Prince" Billy / Matt Sweeney Layout Design
2004 Early Song Faun Fables Graphic Design
2004 Family Album Faun Fables Graphic Design
2004 Hypnotic Underworld Ghost Layout Design
2004 Seafarers Music Will Oldham Layout Design
2004 Sings Greatest Palace Music Bonnie "Prince" Billy Layout Design
2004 Sleeps with Fishes On Fillmore Layout Design
2004 Transmaniacon RTX Layout Design
2003 Master and Everyone Bonnie "Prince" Billy Layout Design
2003 The Howling Hex Neil Michael Hagerty Layout Design
2002 The Big Bang King Kong Artwork
2002 V The Fucking Champs Art Direction
2001 Mother Twilight Faun Fables Graphic Design
2001 Ruby Series Rebecca Gates Design
2001 Wonder Wonder Edith Frost Layout Concept
2000 Radio Video EP Royal Trux Layout Design
1999 Marlan Rosa Mick Turner Cover Design
1999 Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet Ghost Art Direction
1999 Veterans of Disorder Royal Trux Layout Design
1998 Little Birds USA Layout Design
1997 Banana Cabbage, Potato Lettuce, Onion Orange David Grubbs Artwork, Layout Design
1997 Joya Will Oldham Layout Design
1997 Kingdom of Kong King Kong Artwork, CD Layout
1997 Promised Works The For Carnation Layout Design
1996 Directions in Music Directions in Music Layout Design, Layout Concept
1996 Marshmallows The For Carnation Artwork, Imaging
1996 Millions Now Living Will Never Die Tortoise Computer Graphics, Layout Assistance
1995 Fight Songs The For Carnation Artwork
1995 Hope Palace Songs / Palace Songs Design
1995 Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters Tortoise Artwork
1993 Cats & Dogs Royal Trux Cover Art
1983 Return of the Silkie Carol Kleyn Layout
1980 Takin' the Time Carol Kleyn Layout
Animals Dwarr Lettering
Ephemeral Inherit Disease Drums, Group Member