Dan Lumley


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Year Album Artist
2009 Broadcast Squirtgun Member of Attributed Artist, Drums
2009 Tales from Planet Earth The Riptides / Riptides Drums, Group Member
2005 Against All Authority/Common Rider Against All Authority / Common Rider Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Group Member
2005 Big in Japan EP Big in Japan Assistant Engineer, Drum Technician
2005 Girl Crazy Beatnik Termites Tambourine, Assistant Engineer
2005 Weasel Mania Screeching Weasel Drums
2005 Zeitgeit's Echo Even in Blackouts Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Group Member
2004 It's Time for the Peacocks Peacocks Drum Technician
2004 Peephole Records: Serving the Best in Rock and Roll Drums, Group Member
2003 Fade to Bright Squirtgun Drums, Group Member
2003 Foreshadows on the Wall Even in Blackouts Drums
2003 Hold on Tight The Rumblers Engineer, Vocals (Background)
2003 Monster Club The Groovie Ghoulies Drums
2003 Myths & Imaginary Magicians Even in Blackouts Drums
2003 Phase Three The Riverdales Drums
2003 The Dysfunctional Shadowman EP Teen Idols Member of Attributed Artist, Drums
2003 The Hitchhiker's Guide to Rock and Roll Ruth's Hat Tambourine
2002 Every Dog Will Have It's Day, Vol. 2 Drums
2002 Pleasant Screams The Queers Additional Personnel, Drums
2002 The Death of the Party Amazing Transparent Man Engineer, Assistant Engineer
2002 This Is Unity Music Common Rider Drums, Percussion
2001 Ill at Ease The Methadones Drums
2001 Pleasant Dreams Beatnik Termites Assistant Engineer
2001 The Backchannel Broadcast The Lillingtons Drums, Assistant Engineer
2001 The Measure of Things Amazing Transparent Man Engineer
2001 The Unraveling Rise Against Assistant
2001 Underground Network Anti-Flag Drum Engineering
2000 Copper Regret Horace Pinker Mastering, Assistant Engineer, Drum Technician
2000 Full Leather Jacket Teen Idols Assistant Engineer, Drum Technician
2000 Here Comes Trouble The Eyeliners Engineer, Drum Technician
2000 Hugh The Beautys / Nobodys Engineer
2000 It Found a Voice Teen Idols Engineer
2000 Lookout! Freakout Engineer, Musician
2000 No Borders Assistant Engineer
2000 Pop Culture Failure Horace Pinker Assistant Engineer
2000 Teen Punks in Heat Screeching Weasel Engineer, Assistant Engineer
2000 Travels With My Amp The Groovie Ghoulies Assistant Engineer, Drum Technician
1999 Accident Waiting to Happen The Mopes Engineer, Drums, Tambourine, Vocals (Background)
1999 Death by Television The Lillingtons Assistant Engineer
1999 Fun in the Dark The Groovie Ghoulies Drum Technician
1999 Last Wave Rockers Common Rider Guitar, Artwork
1999 The Pucker Up Teen Idols Assistant Engineer
1998 Back on the Streets 88 Fingers Louie Assistant Engineer
1998 Festavus for the Restavus Everready Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1998 High School Rock The Huntingtons Tambourine, Clapping
1998 Major Label Debut [EP] Screeching Weasel Engineer, Mixing, Drums
1998 Something More Dangerous Moral Crux Engineer
1998 Television City Dream Screeching Weasel Engineer, Drums
1997 Another Sunny Day Squirtgun Photography, Drums, Percussion, Artwork, Assistant Engineer
1997 More Bounce to the Ounce Engineer, Drums
1997 Physical Fatness Group
1997 Re-Animation Festival The Groovie Ghoulies Drum Technician
1997 Show & Tell: A Stormy Remembrance of TV Themes Drums
1997 Teenage Kicks [Liberation] Drums
1997 The Only One The Huntingtons Engineer, Tambourine, Drum Technician
1996 Mary Ann Squirtgun Engineer, Drums, Artwork
1995 Shenanigans Squirtgun Drums, Group Member
1995 Squirtgun Squirtgun Layout Design
1994 Punk USA [Lookout] Drums
Mental Therapy The Riptides Guest Artist, Drums