Craig Waddell

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Year Album Artist
2012 The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1992-2001 Fear Factory Digital Assembly, Digital Editing
2012 Fanatic Heart Mastering
2012 Everything in the World Wanting Mastering
2011 Setlist: The Very Best of Loverboy Live Loverboy Mastering
2010 These Hopeful Machines BT Editing
2010 Red Velvet Car Heart Mastering
2010 Hits from 10 Albums Trooper Mastering
2010 Here's My Heart Reema Datta Mastering
2009 The Twenty Second Century 22nd Century Mastering
2009 The Long Road Home Empyria Mastering
2009 Extended Versions Loverboy Technical Assistance
2008 When You Were Shouting at the Devil... Zimmer's Hole Mastering
2008 The Magic of Think Janyse Photography, Mastering
2008 No Boundaries Bill Coon Mastering
2007 Touch Up Mother Mother Mastering
2007 This Ain't Pretty Gena Perala Mastering
2007 The Wedding Dance of the Widow Bride Geoff Berner Mastering
2007 The Love Parade Lola Dutronic Mastering
2007 Metaphora Altered Laws Mastering
2007 Downtown East Side Picnic Bob Murphy Mastering
2006 Two Carmen & Camille Mastering
2006 Sentimental Maniac Geoff Gibbons Assistant
2006 Heaven Is for Easy Girls The Awkward Stage Mastering
2006 Gossip Diet Lotus Child Mastering
2006 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Swingamajig Mastering
2006 Devastation of Musculation Thor Mastering
2006 All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt Nomeansno Mastering
2005 Tell Me Why Kayle Mastering
2005 Essex Hideaway Kimberley Rew Mastering
2005 Deluxe Pioneer Star 10 Mastering
2005 Chillout 06: The Ultimate Chillout Mastering
2005 Bag Bag Mastering
2005 Assassin Margaret Cho Mastering
2004 Winds of Worship: Refiner's Fire Vineyard Music Mastering
2004 The View from Here The Tiller's Folly Mastering
2004 The Grass Is Always Bluer Mastering
2004 The Dreamers Mastering, Assembly
2004 Stampede Strut - Get Hot IV Rick Tippe Mastering
2004 Singin' a Different Tune Rick Tippe Photography, Mastering
2004 Shiver N Shake Rick Tippe Mastering
2004 Modern Day Troubadours Mastering
2004 Humpty Jumpty Paul Lippert Mastering
2004 Going the Distance Mastering
2004 Get Hot or Go Home Rick Tippe Mastering
2004 Fresh Horses Jim Byrnes Mastering
2004 Chillout 05: The Ultimate Chill Mastering
2004 Best of Chillout Past and Present Mastering
2004 Abandon in the Amber Stayte Mastering
2003 Waking the Fury Annihilator Mastering
2003 Skafaced Composer
2003 Late Nights, Early Mornings Bottleneck Mastering
2003 King of July Tom Taylor Mastering
2003 Insanity Legen Beltza Mastering
2003 Fallen Sarah McLachlan Editing
2003 Chillout 2003: The Ultimate Chillout Mastering
2003 Chillout 04 Mastering
2003 All Things Between Wide Open Mastering
2003 All State Champion [EP] All State Champion Mastering
2002 Tribute to Foreigner Mastering
2002 Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Divine Chants & Sacred Tones for Healing & Meditat Deborah Van Dyke Mastering
2002 This Is Forever Samantha King Mastering
2002 Roswell [Original TV Soundtrack] Mastering, Assembly
2002 Replies Rose Ranger Mastering
2002 Raphael Geronimo's Rumba Calzada, Vol. 3 Raphael Geronimo Mastering
2002 Music from SSX Tricky Digital Mastering
2002 Love Tonight Mark Kleiner Power Trio Mastering
2002 Let's Play! Raffi Mastering
2002 Legion of Flames Zimmer's Hole Mastering
2002 I Found Love Denzal Sinclaire Mastering
2002 Holy Vine Remnant Mastering
2002 Great Central Revisited Kimberley Rew Mastering
2002 Felicity: Senior Year [Original TV Soundtrack] Mastering, Assembly
2002 Different Stars Trespassers William Mastering
2002 Consider This Aaron Pritchett Mastering
2002 Bottomland Allen Dobb Mastering
2002 Barnburner The Clumsy Lovers Mastering
2002 A Piece of the Action Ray Khalil Mastering
2001 Two Weeks From Everywhere Chris Springer Mastering
2001 Tractor Parts: Further Adventures in STRANG Zubot & Dawson Mastering
2001 The Mystery Mystery Mastering
2001 STRANG Zubot & Dawson Mastering
2001 Plastic Compilation, Vol. 5 Mastering
2001 Physicist Devin Townsend Mastering
2001 On Point and Red Readymade Mastering
2001 No Self Control The Planet Smashers Mastering
2001 Metalwood 3 Metalwood Mastering
2001 Live, Loud & Loose: 1982-1986 Loverboy Mastering
2001 Journey Alpha Yaya Diallo Mastering
2001 Flamethrower Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz Mastering
2001 Dark Features Tim Hill / Phil Western Mastering
2001 Change Me on the Inside Mastering
2001 Carnival Diablos Annihilator Mastering
2001 Archives, Vol. 2 Delerium Mastering
2001 Archives, Vol. 1 Delerium Mastering
2001 All I Need (Face To Face) Mastering
2000 Toom Tales of Ordinary Madness Bates Motel Mastering
2000 The Singing Moon John Reischman Mastering
2000 The Reality of a Dreamer Mythos Mastering
2000 String of Pearls Prairie Oyster Mastering
2000 Sophisticated Boom Boom Ralph Editing, Mastering
2000 Pied Alive The Pied Pumkin String Ensemble Mastering
2000 One Spirit Mary-Kathryn Mastering
2000 Olympia 66 Ralph Digital Mastering
2000 Mantra Roswells Mastering
2000 Kathy September Kathy September Mastering
2000 Greatest Hits Michelle Wright Pro-Tools
2000 Ghosts of the Mighty Fraser The Tiller's Folly Mastering
2000 Dancing on Water Finjan Mastering
2000 Criteria for a Black Widow Annihilator Mastering
2000 Connect Greenroom Mastering
2000 Best Of Rick Tippe: Get Hot, Vol. 5 Rick Tippe Mastering
2000 Believe [Vineyard] Mastering
2000 ABC's of Worship #3 Mastering
2000 ABC's of Worship #2 Mastering
2000 ABC's of Worship #1 Mastering
1999 Winter Solstice on Ice Pro-Tools
1999 Tilt O' Whirl Veal Mastering Engineer
1999 Stir of Echoes Mastering
1999 Retro-Spex The Rattled Roosters Digital Pre-Mastering
1999 Regeneration: The Best of Stonebolt Stonebolt Mastering
1999 Metalwood Live Metalwood Mastering
1999 Message Alpha Yaya Diallo Mastering
1999 Crash Crash Mastering
1999 Contradictions Kim Kuzma Mastering
1999 Boycott Radical Records Composer
1999 Are These Our Lives? Trial Mastering
1998 Visions of Love Jim Brickman Mastering
1998 Tired of Waking Up Tired: The Best of The Diodes The Diodes Editing, Mastering, Restoration
1998 Suspended Numb Mastering
1998 Spine Veda Hille Mastering
1998 Plastic Compilation, Vol. 2 Mastering, Digital Producer
1998 Obsolete Fear Factory Digital Editing, Digital Assembly
1998 Metalwood 2 Metalwood Mastering
1998 Language of Silence Numb Mastering
1998 Headfirst into Everything Mystery Machine Editing, Pre-Mastering
1998 Fumbling Towards Ecstasy/Freedom Sessions Sarah McLachlan Editing
1998 Fine Line Vicious Circle Mastering
1998 Due South, Vol. 2 Mastering
1998 Brothers Creeggan, Vol. 2 The Brothers Creeggan Digital Editing, Mastering
1998 Boxing God Layton Howerton Digital Editing
1998 A Small Good Thing Bocephus King Mastering
1997 Well Kept Secret Norma Winstone Mastering
1997 VI Loverboy Mastering
1997 Tide's Out Perfume Tree Mastering
1997 Plastic Compilation, Vol. 1 Mastering
1997 Millenium Project Millenium Project Mastering
1997 Metalwood Metalwood Mastering
1997 Living City Colorifics Mastering
1997 Kissed Mastering, Assembly
1997 Karma Delerium Digital Assembly
1997 Blood Meridian Numb Mastering
1997 Blind Numb Mastering
1997 500wattburner@seven Sparkmarker Mastering
1996 Refresh the Demon Annihilator Editing, Mastering, Assembly
1996 No Escape The Young Canadians Mixing
1996 Lifetime Away Perfume Tree Mastering
1996 High Times: Greatest Hits 1979-1995 Frank Soda & The Imps Editing, Digital Mastering
1996 Get It Straight The Modernettes Remixing
1996 Foxfire Mastering
1996 Five O'Clock Foxtrot Viveza Mastering
1996 Door to the River Susan Crowe Mastering
1995 The Quickening Norman Smookler Mastering
1995 Shake a Leg Norman Foote Mastering
1995 Raffi Radio Raffi Mastering
1995 Heavy Mellow Faith & Desire Mastering
1995 Decadence: 10 Years of Nettwerk Remastering
1994 That's What Friends Are For Alden David Mastering
1994 Silver Moist Mastering
1994 New Shoes Blues June Katz Editing, Digital Mastering
1994 Encuentros/Encounters Sumalao Mastering
1994 Damn the Diva Damn the Diva Editing, Overdubs
1994 Bridging the Gap Kristen Nash Mastering
1994 Bananaphone Raffi Mastering
1993 Suburban Groove Robin Shier Digital Mastering
1993 Loggerheads D.O.A. Assembly
1993 Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Sarah McLachlan Editing
1993 Back to the Wonderful Crusoe Mastering
1993 Babkas Babkas Digital Editing
1992 If the Shoe Fits... Norman Foote Digital Mastering
1991 Solar Winds Gabriel Mark Hasselbach Digital Editing
1990 Christmeister Numb Mastering
1988 Numb Numb Remastering
1987 Hold On Connie Scott Sampling
1978 The Last of the Blue Devils Jay McShann Mastering
Time Will Tell Dave Stephens Mastering
Rarities & B-Sides Delerium Mastering
Plasti-Scene Another Joe Mastering
La Luna Canadian Guitar Trio Mastering
Kiss the Ground Charlotte Wrinch Mastering
Isn't This World Enough?? A Nettwerk Christmas Mastering
Different After Dawn Connor McGuire Mastering