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Year Album Artist
2021 The Dawn Collection Little Big Town Recording
2021 The Midnight Collection Little Big Town Recording
2021 Star-Crossed Kacey Musgraves Engineer
2021 Chill Your Mind Engineer
2021 Against the World Hanson Engineer
2020 Work at Home Engineer
2020 Total Freedom Kathleen Edwards Engineer
2020 Nightfall Little Big Town Engineer
2019 Art on the Piano Holly Jones Mixing
2018 String Theory Hanson Engineer
2018 Golden Hour Kacey Musgraves Engineer, Mixing
2018 Glorious Day: Hymns of Faith Casting Crowns Mixing
2017 Live & Acoustic from NYC Sleeping with Sirens Mixing
2017 Chain Breaker Zach Williams Mixing
2016 Tim Montana and the Shrednecks Tim Montana & The Shrednecks Mixing
2016 Tennessee Christmas Amy Grant Engineer, Mixing
2016 Liberman Live Vanessa Carlton Mixing
2015 Liberman Vanessa Carlton Mixing
2015 Heartache and a Song Renn Engineer, Mixing, Overdub Engineer
2015 Christ Be Glorified Bridgecity Mixing
2015 Be Still and Know... Hymns & Faith Amy Grant Engineer
2014 You Amaze Us Selah Mixing
2014 Welcome to the Big World Adam Hood Mixing
2014 Small Town Dreams Will Hoge Engineer, Mixing
2014 May You Marry Rich Colourmusic Assistant Engineer
2014 All or Nothing MIKESCHAIR Mixing
2013 Tides Bethel Music Mixing, Mixing Engineer
2013 The Features The Features Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer
2013 The Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 1 Casting Crowns Mixing
2013 Run Run Rudolph Frankie Ballard Mixing
2013 Pawn Shop Kings Pawnshop Kings Mixing
2013 My Hope: Songs Inspired by the Message and Mission of Billy Graham Engineer, Mixing
2013 I Am Mountain Gungor Engineer, Mixing
2013 How Mercy Looks from Here Amy Grant Engineer, Mixing
2013 Fear Inside Our Bones The Almost Engineer, Mixing
2013 Black Bear Andrew Belle Mixing
2012 Radiant You Rebekah Maddux El-Hakam Engineer, Mixing
2012 Heart Audrey Assad Engineer
2012 Breathe In Phillips, Craig & Dean Mixing
2011 Wilderness The Features Engineer, Mixing
2011 We Do What We Want Emery Mixing
2011 WOW Christmas [2011] Mixing
2011 My _____ Is Pink. Colourmusic Mixing
2011 Music Inspired By: The Story Mixing
2011 Ghosts Upon the Earth Gungor Engineer, Mixing
2011 Butterfly Boucher Butterfly Boucher Engineer, Drum Engineering
2011 Anthem Song Aaron Gillespie Mixing
2011 A Way to See in the Dark Jason Gray Mixing
2010 Shout It Out Hanson Engineer
2010 Love Revolution Natalie Grant Engineer, Mixing
2010 Beauty In The Struggle Shane Henry Mixing, Engineer
2010 Beautiful Things Gungor Mixing Engineer
2009 Over the Grave Sojourn / Sojourn Community Church Mixing
2009 Old Time Speaker Bronze Radio Return Engineer, Mixing
2009 Next Step Melissa Greene Mixing, Editing
2009 Love, Save the Empty Erin McCarley Engineer, Mixing, Audio Engineer
2009 Fearless Phillips, Craig & Dean Mixing
2009 Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue Jason Gray Mixing
2009 Come Alive Mark Schultz Mixing
2009 Christ Is Come Big Daddy Weave Mixing
2009 Black Magic Revival The Campaign 1984 Mixing
2008 f, monday, orange, february, venus, lunatic, 1 or 13 Colourmusic Mixing
2008 Stronger Tammy Trent Mixing
2008 Quiet Revolution Telecast Mixing
2008 Pitter-Pat Erin McCarley Mixing
2008 Aranda Aranda Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2007 The Walk Hanson Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2007 Something in Your Eyes David Martin Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 No More Kings No More Kings Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals (Background), Shouts
2007 Love Crash Heal Soular Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2007 Brilliant & Charming Benjamin del Shreve Mixing
2007 Alive and Well Ty England Engineer, Mixing
2006 The Sky Can Still Remember: Sherri Youngward Christmas Songs Sherri Youngward Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Harmonica, Bass (Electric)
2006 Lifegiver Hyper Static Union Engineer, Mixing, Tracking
2006 Hero Today Gone Tomorrow Everchanging Nomad Engineer, Mixing, Bass
2006 Encore...For Future Generations 4Him Engineer, Mixing
2005 Piñata Baby Ditty Twisters Mixing
2005 Eternity Is Now Telecast Mixing
2004 MIKESCHAIR [Mikeschair] MIKESCHAIR Mixing
2003 On the Road to Beautiful Charlie Hall Engineer
2003 Baker Sings Chet Jeff Baker Assistant Engineer
2003 A Beautiful Glow Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus Engineer, Mixing
1990 Power Hits Engineer, Mixing
Дами канят [Dami Kanyat] Engineer
songs to cry to after a breakup Engineer
simple times (bridge) Kacey Musgraves Engineer
pov: you are at the beach Engineer
pov: ur in the car with your mom Engineer
pov: it's summer and ur in the car Engineer
justified Kacey Musgraves Engineer
high vibrational music Engineer
gracias a la vida Kacey Musgraves Engineer
crushing on you Engineer
bad day [2021] Engineer
Zimska Idila Engineer
Zima 2021 Engineer
Your Side Now Trent Dabbs Mixing
You Belong With Me Engineer, Mixing
Yellowstone Songs and Songs Inspired by Yellowstone Engineer
Wow Christmas, Vol.1 Mixing
Work From Home Pop Engineer, Mixing
Women's Day 2022: Celebrate Womxn Engineer
Women's Day 2021 Engineer, Mixing
Women to the Front: Female Empowerment Engineer
Women to the Front Engineer
Women of Country [Universal] Engineer
Women of Country Engineer, Mixing
Women in Pop Engineer, Mixing
Women in Country [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Women in Country 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Women Power Engineer, Mixing
Winterstimmung 2023 Engineer, Mixing
Winter Vibes 2023 Engineer, Mixing
Winter Vibes 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Winter Mood 2023 Engineer
Winter Chill 2021 Engineer, Mixing
Wine & Cheese Engineer
Will You Be My Country Valentine Engineer
West Coast [2022] Engineer
Welcome Summer Time to travel Engineer
Wedding Music 2022 Engineer
Watering Plants Engineer
Walentynki 2023 Engineer
Wake Up [Universal] Engineer
Wait a Minute! Engineer
WFH Engineer
Voli Me Do Proleća Engineer
Virgo Energy Engineer
Viral Hits: October 2021 Engineer
Viral Hits November 2021 Engineer
Viral Anthems: Trending Tracks From 2020 Engineer
Valentinstag [Universal] Engineer
Valentines Night Engineer
Valentines Love Songs 2021 Engineer
Valentines Day Songs Engineer
Valentines Day 2023 Engineer, Mixing
Valentines Day 2021 [January 29, 2021] Engineer, Mixing
Valentine's Day Mix Engineer
Valentine's Day 2023 Engineer
Valentine's Day 2021: Cele Mai Frumoase Melodii De Dragoste Engineer
Valentin-nap 2022 Engineer
Vacation Chill Engineer
Uplifting Anthems Engineer
Universo Musical, Vol. I Engineer
Universally Loved Music Engineer
Turn Up the Music Engineer
Tropical Dance Hits Engineer
Trending October 2021 Engineer
Trending Now, Vol. 33 Engineer
Trending November 2021 Engineer
Top Trending Romania - Vara 2021 Engineer
Top Trending Hits, Vol. 4 Engineer
Top Trending Hits, Vol. 3 Engineer
Top Gay Sounds Engineer
To All the Mothers Engineer, Mixing
Time to Revise Engineer, Mixing
This Is Chill Music Engineer
The Best PRIDE Album in the World...Ever! Engineer, Mixing
The Best Alternative Pop Engineer
The Tide & the Sea Marie Hines Mixing
The Perfect Mix Engineer
The Best Mother's Day Album in the World...Ever! Engineer, Mixing
The Best Country Album in the World...Ever! [2021] Engineer
The Best Alternative Pop [September, 2022] Engineer
Thankful 2021 Engineer
Tesoros Musicales: Para Trabajar Engineer
Taurus Mood Engineer
Tastemakers 2021 Engineer
Tardes de Lluvia Engineer
Tan and Chill Engineer
Sunshine Vibes Engineer
Sunset Soundtrack Engineer, Mixing
Sunny Days & Chill Engineer
Sunny Day 休閒晴天 [Casual Sunny Day] Engineer
Sunday Sleep-In Engineer
Sunday Morning [January, 2022] Engineer
Sunday Morning [2022] Engineer
Sunday Morning Chill Engineer
Sunday Best [Universal] Engineer
Summertime Country Hits 2022 Engineer
Summer Vacation Roadtrip Engineer, Mixing
Summer Time Engineer, Mixing
Summer Party [2021] Engineer
Summer Mix [Universal] [2021] Engineer
Summer Mix Indie Engineer
Summer Is Coming Engineer
Summer Freedom Engineer
Summer Festival Japan 2022 Engineer
Summer Country Songs Engineer
Summer Country 2022 Engineer
Summer Chillout [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Summer Chill Vibes [July, 2021] Engineer
Summer Chill 2022 Engineer
Studying Vibes Engineer
Study Music 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Strong Women Playlist 2020 Engineer, Mixing
Stay at Home and Listen to Music Engineer
Start Over Roger Jaeger Engineer
Star-Crossed [Single] Kacey Musgraves Engineer
Springtime 2022 Engineer
Spring Is Here Engineer
Spring Has Sprung Engineer
Spring Drive Engineer
Spring Chill 2021 Engineer
Spring Breakers Engineer
Spring 2022 [February] Engineer
Spring 2021 Engineer
Spooning Vibes Engineer
Space Cowboy Kacey Musgraves Engineer
Songs for the Summer Engineer
Songs for Pride 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Songs for Moms Engineer, Mixing
Songs for Mom [2023] Engineer, Mixing
Songs for Mom [2022] Engineer, Mixing
Someone You Loved [2022] Engineer
Solo Mujeres Engineer, Mixing
Soft Pop V.02 Engineer, Mixing
Soft Pop Hits [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Soft Country Hits Engineer
Slow Mornings Engineer
Slow Burn Kacey Musgraves Engineer
Slay Queen! Engineer
Sing for Love Engineer, Mixing
Signs & Vibes: Cancer Engineer
Sexy Summer Staples Engineer
Sentir el Country Engineer
Self Love Juice Engineer, Mixing
Self Isolation Bangers Engineer
Saturday Chill Engineer
Satellites & Sirens Satellites & Sirens Mixing Engineer
Safe Space Engineer
Sad Songs 2022 Engineer
Sad Pop Tunes Engineer
Sad Girl Fall Engineer
Sad Girl Autumn [November, 2021] Engineer
Sad Country Music for Crying Engineer
Sad Country Music Engineer, Mixing
Sad Breakup Songs [2022] Engineer
Románticas y Recuerdos Engineer
Rompe el silencio, Vol. 2 Engineer, Mixing
Road Trippin' Engineer
Relaxing Acoustic Music Engineer
Rainbow Tears Engineer
Radio Country Engineer
Radar de Éxitos: Despierta Engineer
Queer Dance Party Hits Engineer, Mixing
Queer AF Engineer, Mixing
Push It [2021] Engineer
Pumpkin Spice Vibes Engineer
Protect Your Peace Engineer
Pride [June, 2022] Engineer, Mixing
Pride Workout Engineer
Pride Party [June, 2022] Engineer, Mixing
Pride Month Bangers Engineer, Mixing
Pride Month 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Pride Hits 2021 Engineer
Pride Hits Engineer
Pride Beats Engineer
Pride 2022 [March, 2022] Engineer, Mixing
Pride 2010s, Vol. 2 Engineer, Mixing
Pride 2010s, Vol. 1 Engineer
Pride Engineer, Mixing
Post Divorce Engineer
Pop for Kids [2022] Engineer
Pop en Inglés de Hoy Engineer
Pop Para Transar Engineer
Pop Na Estrada Engineer, Mixing
Pop Love Hits, Vol. 4 Recording
Pop Hits 2022 [December, 14] Engineer
Pop & Cobertor 2022 Engineer
Poolside Chillout Engineer
Pool Day Engineer
Plant Tunes Engineer
Para Se Desligar do Mundo Engineer
PRIDE Romania 2022 Engineer, Mixing
PRIDE Pop Hits 2022 Engineer, Mixing
PRIDE PARTY 2021 [Music is Universal Italia] Engineer, Mixing
PRIDE - VOICES - Engineer, Mixing
PRIDE Engineer, Mixing
PRIDE Engineer, Mixing
Orgullo Universal Engineer, Mixing
October 2021 Trending Hits Engineer
Når Snøen Smelter [Fra Tre nøtter til Askepott] Astrid S Mixing
Nyári Reggelek 2021 Engineer
Now Country: Hits & Rising Stars Engineer, Mixing, Recording
No California Ilsey Engineer
Night Feels Engineer
New Music for Lounging Engineer
New Music for Cooking Engineer
New Country Hits: September [2021] Engineer
New Country Hits: October 2022 Engineer
New Choons Engineer
NOW That's What I Call Music! Pride Engineer, Mixing
Music for Kids 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Music for Dogs Engineer, Mixing
Music Is Universal:愛無界限 [Love Has No Boundaries] Engineer, Mixing
Music Is Universal: Yass Kween Pride Anthems Engineer
Music Is Universal: Pride by Shaed Engineer
Music Is Universal: Pride by Fletcher Engineer
Music Is Universal: PRIDE by James Bay Engineer
Mulheres ao Poder! Engineer
Mothers Day Music 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day Throwback Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day Songs Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day Songs Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day Pop Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day Playlist Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day Favourites Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day Country Songs Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day Country Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day 2022 [April] Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day 2021 Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Day Engineer, Mixing
Mother's Daughter Engineer, Mixing
Morning Coffee Engineer, Mixing
Morning Café [2021] [November] Engineer
Momento Lluvioso Engineer
Mom Songs Engineer, Mixing
Mes De La mujer Engineer
Mente Chill Engineer, Mixing
Mental Health Month 2021 Engineer, Mixing
Mental Health Matters (La Música Es Mi Terapia) Engineer, Mixing
Memorial Day 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Melancholy Moments Engineer
Mega Hits 2021 Engineer
Lovesongs Engineer, Mixing
Love-fi Engineer, Mixing
Love Songs for Lovers Engineer
Love Songs 2021 [January 21, 2021] Engineer, Mixing
Love Songs 2021 [22 October, 2021] Engineer, Mixing
Love Songs Engineer, Mixing
Love Love Love [2021] Engineer
Love Is in the Air [January, 2023] Engineer, Mixing
Love Is a Wild Thing Kacey Musgraves Engineer
Lonely Weekend Kacey Musgraves Engineer
Lofi & Pop Engineer
Life's a Movie Engineer
Lesbian Anthems Engineer
Latino Infused Country Engineer
LOVE 說愛・情歌集 Engineer
LOUD & PROUD: Dancing on My Own Engineer, Mixing
LGBTQIA+ Hits 2022 Engineer, Mixing
King of the Grill Engineer, Mixing
Kids Valentine's Engineer
Kids Songs: Quiet Time Engineer, Mixing
Kids Hits 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Kids Friendly Fun Pop Engineer
Kiddie Folk Jams Engineer
Jutranja Kava Engineer
Jutarnji Chill Engineer
Jobblistan Engineer
Iubesc! Engineer, Mixing
International Women's Day-Pop Engineer, Mixing
International Women's Day [Country] Engineer, Mixing
Instantes de Pop en Inglés Engineer
Indie Mix [2021] Engineer
Indie Country Mix Engineer
In the Mood for Love Engineer
In the Country Engineer
IN VIAGGIO canzoni, Vol. 2 Engineer, Mixing
I'm a Survivor Engineer
I'm a Single Mom Who Works Two Jobs Engineer, Mixing
I Miss My Mom Engineer, Mixing
I Love You Mom [Universal] Engineer, Mixing
I Love My Mom Engineer
I Don't Wanna Talk Baby I Just Wanna Dance Engineer
Höstmys 2021 Engineer
Höst 2021 Engineer
Hybrid, Vol. 1 Engineer
Hot Summer Nights Engineer
Hot Songs 2021 Engineer
Hot Sauce Engineer
Hot City Summer Engineer
Home Office Chill Engineer
Hit Factory Tunes 5 Engineer
High Horse Kacey Musgraves Engineer
Herstory in the Making Engineer
Herbst Chill Out Engineer
Hello, It's Me Little Big Town Engineer, Mixing
Hello Autumn Engineer
Heartcrash Marie Hines Mixing
Happy Valentine Engineer
Happy Mother's Day Engineer, Mixing
Happy & Sad Kacey Musgraves Engineer
Happier Than Ever ♡ Engineer
Grl Pwr [2021] Engineer
Great Female Voices Engineer
Grandes Divas LGTIBQ+ Engineer, Mixing
Graduation 2022 Engineer
Goodbye Songs Engineer
Goodbye School Hello Summer Engineer, Mixing
Good Vibes High Tides Engineer, Mixing
Good Travel Mood Engineer
Good Sunday Morning Engineer, Mixing
Golden Hour [S[blank]] Kacey Musgraves Engineer
Golden Hour Vibes Engineer, Mixing
Go Rachel Chan Mixing
Global Hits Engineer
Girls on Tour Engineer, Mixing
Girls Run the World [2021] Engineer
Girls Rock! Engineer
Girl Power | International Women's day Engineer
Girl Power [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Girl Power Hits [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Girl Power Engineer
Girl Boss Engineer
Gen Z Valentine's Engineer
Gen Z Fall Engineer
Gen Z Country Engineer
Gay World Pride Engineer
Gay Pride Classics Engineer, Mixing
Game Day Country Hits 2022 Engineer
Galentine's Day Engineer
GRL PWR Engineer
GAY PRIDE 2022 Engineer
Frühlingssonne Engineer
Frühlingserwachen Engineer
Frühling 2022 [February] Engineer
Fresh New Music Engineer
Fresh Beats Engineer
For You, Mom Engineer, Mixing
Fix You Kacey Musgraves Engineer, Mixing
Femei de zece Engineer
Females in Pop Engineer, Mixing
Females in Country Engineer, Mixing
Female Festival Stars Engineer
February Feels Engineer
Father Daughter Dance Engineer
Fall Hits 2022 [May] Engineer, Mixing
Fall Asleep on the Beach Engineer, Mixing
Escapada Remix Engineer
Endless Summer [2021] Engineer
Empowerment Engineer
Empezando el año Relajado Engineer
Easy Peasy Engineer, Mixing
Earth Day [2022] Engineer
Earth Day 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Earth Day 2021 Engineer, Mixing
Early Morning [Acoustic] Engineer
Drew Grow and the Pastors Wives Drew Grow / The Pastors Wives Mixing
Domingo Tranqui Engineer
Dinner Chill Music Engineer, Mixing
Dinner & Drinks With Friends Engineer
Dia dos Namorados 2022 Engineer
Desorden Musical Engineer
Depresión Post Serie Engineer, Mixing
Dear Mom [Universal] Engineer, Mixing
Deadly Art How I Became the Bomb Mixing
Date Night [Universal] Engineer, Mixing
Date Night With You Engineer
Date Night Engineer, Mixing
Dale Al Play!: Baladas Engineer
Daily Remix Engineer
Cuddle Up & Chill Engineer
Crazy Pop Engineer
Cozy Sunday Morning Engineer
Cozy Fall Vibes Engineer
Country and Chill Engineer
Country Women Engineer
Country Tailgate Engineer
Country Summer 2023 Engineer
Country Summer 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Country Summer Engineer
Country Romântico Engineer
Country Road Trip [2022] Engineer
Country Power Hour Engineer
Country Party Music [2020] Engineer
Country Music for Kids Engineer
Country Mega Hits 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Country Love Songs [Universal] Engineer
Country Ladies [2022] Engineer
Country Indie Mix Engineer
Country Hits [2023] Engineer, Mixing
Country Hits [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Country Hits [2020] Engineer
Country Hits 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Country Classics [2022] Engineer, Mixing
Country Campfire Engineer
Country Boy, I Love You Engineer
Country Beach Vibes Engineer
Country 2022 Engineer
Country 2021 Engineer
Country 2020-2021 Engineer
Confidence Boost Engineer, Mixing
Coffee Soundtrack Engineer
Coffee Shop Essentials Engineer
Coffee Shop Acoustic Engineer
Coffee Break [2022] Engineer
Coffee Break 2022 Engineer
Clean Country Music Engineer
Classic Country Hits [2022] Engineer, Mixing
Christopher Street Day 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Christmas Every Day Jessie James Decker Digital Recording Engineer, Mixing
Chilled Summer Soundtrack Engineer, Mixing
Chillax Hits Engineer, Mixing
Chill on the Beach Engineer, Mixing
Chill Zone Engineer
Chill Vibes Engineer
Chill Pop Songs Engineer
Chill Pill [2020] Engineer
Chill Out Good Vibes Engineer, Mixing
Chill Music for Kids Engineer, Mixing
Chill Kids Engineer, Mixing
Chill Indie Folk Engineer
Chill Hits for Summer Engineer
Cena Para Dos [2022] Engineer, Mixing
Celebrating Women [February, 2023] Engineer
Celebrating Women Engineer, Mixing
Celebrate: Women's Day Anthems 2021 Engineer
Celebrate Women Engineer
Candy Pop Engineer
Canciones Memorables Engineer
Cancer Season Engineer
Calm Mornings Engineer, Mixing
Call for Rain Engineer, Mixing
California Gurls [2021] Engineer
CSD 2022 Engineer
Butterflies Kacey Musgraves Engineer
Breakup Songs to Scream Engineer
Breakup Songs to Cry To Engineer
Breakup Music Engineer
Break Up Tunes Engineer
Bong Hits: Green Out Chill Out Engineer
Blooming Spring Engineer
Bethlehem Skies Mixing
Best of Female Pop Engineer
Best of Celtic Women Engineer
Best of 2021: Trending Viral Engineer
Best of 2021: Summer Lounge Engineer
Best of 2021 Country Engineer
Best Pop Female Vocals Engineer
Best Friends Forever Engineer
Best Country of the Decade: 2011-2020 Engineer, Mixing
Best Country of the Decade: 2010-2019 Engineer, Mixing
Best Country of 2019 Engineer, Mixing
Best Alternative Pop Tunes [October, 2022] Engineer
Best Alternative Pop Tunes Engineer
Best Pop Today Engineer
Behold the Lamb of God Andrew Peterson Engineer, Mixing
Beers Oo the Balcony Engineer
Beach Girls Engineer
Be My Valentine [February 12, 2021] Engineer
Baño de Espuma Engineer, Mixing
Bangin Beatz, Vol. 5 Engineer
Baladas en inglés para Mamá Engineer
Baladas Románticas de Siempre Engineer
Bad Day Engineer
Back to: Veranito Engineer
Back to School 2022 [Country Edition] Engineer, Mixing
Back to School 2021 [Country Edition] Engineer, Mixing
Back in Office Engineer
BBQ Hits 2021 Engineer
BBQ 2022 Engineer
Award Winning Hits 2022 Engineer
Award Show Hits 2023 Engineer
Anyák Napja 2021 Engineer, Mixing
Anyak Napja 2022 Engineer, Mixing
Anxiety Relief [2022] Engineer
Antywalentynki Engineer
Angry Music 2022 Engineer
Americana 2022 Engineer, Mixing
American Pop Engineer
Alternative Folk Engineer
Alternative Country Engineer
Alla Hjärtans Dag Engineer
All the Hits [November, 2021] Engineer
Aliens Are Coming Engineer
Advent [2022] Engineer, Mixing
Acoustic Memories Engineer
Acoustic Guitar Hits 2021 Engineer
4th of July 2022 Engineer, Mixing
2021 Mega Hits Engineer
2021 License Hits Engineer
2010s Chill for Kids Engineer, Mixing

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