The techno producer with the most musical training under his belt, Cosmic Baby began his conservatory study at the age of seven, discovered electronic music six years later and by 1991, he was recording some of the most melodic trance and techno to come from the Continent. Born in Nuremberg in 1966, Harald Bluechel began playing piano at the age of three and was conducted to the Nuremberg Conservatory four years later. After an early affinity for the work of Bela Bartók and Igor Stravinsky, Bluechel began listening to Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream; he quickly left the conservatory, began picking up electronic equipment and wrote his first synthesizer composition when he was only 14. A move to Berlin to attend that city's University of Arts provided him with a degree in composition as well as sound engineering. During the late '80s, ...
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Fourteen Pieces, Selected Works 1995 1996 Fourteen Pieces, Selected Works 1995
Thinking About Myself 1994 Thinking About Myself
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