Constant Lambert

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Constant Lambert was born the son of painter George Washington Thomas Lambert in London. Isolated in infirmaries for long spells as a child due to poor health, Lambert used this time to read voraciously…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Pomona, ballet 1927 21:34 Keyboard
Concerto, for piano & 9 instruments 1931 26:03 Concerto
The Rio Grande, for piano, chorus & orchestra 1927 13:58 Choral
The Long Departed Lover, for voice & piano 02:51 Vocal Music
Sonata for piano 1928 21:48 Keyboard
Elegy, for piano 1938 04:40 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Mr. Bear Squash-you-all-flat 1924 15:46 Miscellaneous (Classical)
On the City Street, for voice & piano 01:34 Vocal Music
The Prospect Before Us (or, Pity the Poor Dancers), ballet 1940 25:12 Ballet
Romeo and Juliet, ballet in 2 tableaux 1924 30:11 Ballet
Elegiac Blues "In Memory of Florence Mills" 1927 03:28 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Eight Poems of Li-Po, for voice & piano (or ensemble) 1926 13:43 Vocal Music
With a Man of Leisure, for voice & piano 01:01 Vocal Music
Anna Karenina, suite from the film score 20:40 Orchestral
A Summer Day, for voice & piano 02:03 Vocal Music
Ruin of the Ku-Su Palace, for voice & piano 01:23 Vocal Music
Lines, for voice & piano 02:38 Vocal Music
Summer's Last Will and Testament for baritone, chorus & orchestra 1932 52:56 Choral
Tiresias, ballet 1951 54:07 Ballet
Trois pièces nègres pour les touches blanches 06:06 Keyboard
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