Conrad Paumann

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Though Paumann was born blind he became the best organist in all of Germany referenced as recently as the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. He was also an instrumentalist who played not only the organ,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Mit Ganczen Willen Wunsch Ich Dir, chorale prelude for organ Keyboard
Ich Beger Mit Mer Miscellaneous (Classical)
Benedicite almechtiger Got Keyboard
Ellend du hast umbfangen mich, chorale prelude for organ Keyboard
In idem Redeuntes (The Buxheim Organ Book) Keyboard
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Wach Auf Mein Hort der Leucht Dorther, chorale prelude for organ Keyboard
En avois Keyboard
Incipit Fundamentum M.C.P.C. (189) (The Buxheim Organ Book) Keyboard
Praeambulum super Mi, for organ (Buxheimer Orgelbuch) Keyboard
Bonus Tactus (The Buxheim Organ Book) Keyboard
Jeloymors, for organ Keyboard
Fundamentum Organisandi, for organ (Lochamer Liederbuch) Keyboard
Fortune alas, setting for organ (from the Buxheimer Orgelbuch) Keyboard
Sanssoblier, setting for organ (Buxheimer Orgelbuch) Keyboard
Bekenne myn klag, for organ Keyboard
Ttielloses Stück (Fundmentum organisandi), for organ 1452 Keyboard
Dueil angoisseux, for organ (found in Buxheimer Orgelbuch) Keyboard
Se la phase pale Chamber Music
Mass for Saint Martha, for chorus & organ Choral
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