Conrad Lant


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Year Album Artist
2018 Contract in Blood: A History of U.K. Thrash Metal Composer
2018 Storm the Gates Venom Composer
2015 From the Very Depths Venom Producer, Arranger, Artist, Composer
2011 Fallen Angels Venom Composer
2008 Cradle of Filth Heavy String Tribute String Tribute Players Composer
2008 Hell Venom Producer, Artwork, Art Conception, Web Design, Composer
2007 Draculea Necrodeath Composer
2007 Heavy Metal [Rhino Box Set] Composer
2006 Gran Poder Orthodox Composer
2006 Hell to the Unknown: Anthology Cronos Producer, Artwork, Design, Cover Design, Logo Design, Composer
2006 Metal Black Venom Audio Production
2005 A Beautiful Sickness Project: Failing Flesh Composer
2005 Live in London Venom Composer
2005 MMV Venom Composer, Lyricist
2004 Darkest Hour Venom Composer
2004 The Darkthrone's Fenriz Presents: Best of Old School Black Metal Composer
2004 The World's Greatest Tribute to Nirvana Composer
2004 Voodoo Magick: The Godsmack Tribute Composer
2003 Kissing the Beast Venom Composer
2003 Sons of Satan Praise the Lord Entombed Composer
2003 The Neat Singles Collection, Vol. 2 Composer
2003 The Neat Singles Collection, Vol. 3 Composer
2003 Tribute to the Devil's Music Acheron Composer
2003 Works of Carnage Krisiun Composer
2002 Heavy Metal Rebellion Composer
2002 In League with Satan Venom Composer, Lyricist
2002 Rock of Ages [Essential] Composer
2002 The Flame Burns On: The Best of Neat Records Composer
2002 The Seven Gates of Hell: Singles 1980-1985 Venom Composer
2001 A Triple Dose of Venom Venom Composer
2001 Anthology Obituary Composer
2001 Archive Venom Composer
2000 Beauty and the Beast Venom Composer
2000 Blackest Album, Vol. 2: An Industrial Tribute to Metallica Composer
2000 Court of Death Venom Composer
2000 Covered in Metal Composer
2000 Graveyard Classics Six Feet Under Composer
2000 Greatest Hits and More Venom Composer
2000 In the Sign of the Horns: A Tribute to Venom Composer
2000 Live From London Venom Composer
2000 Lives Voivod Composer
2000 Resurrection Venom Producer, Audio Production, Artwork, Design, Layout Design, Cover Image, Composer
2000 Retro Illdisposed Composer
1999 Buried Alive Venom Composer
1999 Old, New, Borrowed And Blue Venom Composer
1999 Same Difference Entombed Composer
1999 Venom '96 Venom Composer
1998 A Tribute to Venom Composer
1998 Cast in Stone Venom Composer
1998 Cruelty and the Beast Cradle of Filth Composer
1998 From Heaven to the Unknown Venom Composer
1998 New, Live & Rare Venom Composer
1998 Ten Black Years: The Best of Sodom Sodom Composer
1998 Venom in Memorium: Greatest Hits, 1981-1994 Venom Composer
1998 Wreckage Entombed Composer
1997 Come on Feel the Metal Composer
1997 The Second Coming Live at Dynamo 1996 Venom Composer
1996 Black Reign Venom Composer
1996 Spawned by Evil Necrophobic Composer
1996 Venom Cronos Composer
1995 In Memorium: The Best of Venom Venom Composer
1995 Unholy Trinity Blitzkrieg Composer
1994 Skeletons in the Closet Venom Composer
1994 Stardust: Metal, Vol. 1 Composer
1994 The Metal Box Set Composer
1993 Leave Me in Hell Venom Composer
1992 The Book of Armageddon Venom Composer
1991 Collection Venom Composer
1991 Deeper into the Vault [Caroline] Composer
1990 Tear Your Soul Apart Venom Composer
1989 Prime Evil Venom Composer
1987 Calm Before the Storm Venom Composer
1987 Metal Punk Venom Composer
1986 Alive in 85 Venom Composer
1986 Rrröööaaarrr Voivod Composer
1986 The Singles 80-86 Venom Composer
1985 7th Date of Hell Venom Composer
1985 Canadian Assault Venom Composer
1985 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Venom Composer
1985 From Hell to the Unknown Venom Composer
1985 German Assault Venom Composer
1985 Japanese Assault Venom Composer
1985 Official Bootleg Live Venom Composer
1985 Possessed Venom Composer
1983 Acid Queen Venom Composer
1983 At War with Satan Venom Composer
1982 Black Metal Venom Design, Project Supervisor, Cover Art, Composer
1981 Welcome to Hell Venom Composer, Guitar (Bass), Lyricist, Vocals
100 Miles to Hell Venom Composer
Bring Out Your Dead Venom Composer
Cosmogenesis 8th Sin Composer