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Year Album Artist
2006 Copper Press #28: Sometimes It's a Hard World for Little Things Record Label
2002 Casting Ecstatic: Solo Works For Violin Curtis Macomber Record Label
2002 Chamber Works of Ursula Mamlok Record Label
2002 Orlando Jacinto García: Illuminated Shadows Orlando Jacinto Garcia Record Label
2001 96 Gestures Scott Fields Ensemble Record Label
2001 A Retrospective Karl Korte Record Label
2001 American Spiritual Marilyn Nonken Record Label
2001 David Del Tredici: Secret Music David Del Tredici Record Label
2000 Barton McLean: Forgotten Shadows Barton McLean Record Label
2000 Echoes of Petrarch/Pno Trio #2/City of Gold Martin Boykan Record Label
2000 Lucia Dlugoszewski: Disparate Stairway Radical Other Lucia Dlugoszewski Record Label
2000 Woolf: Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak / Randall Woolf Record Label
1999 A la Par Lawrence Conservatory Contemporary Music Ensemble Record Label
1999 Francis Thorne: Fanfare, Fugue & Funk; Third String Quartet; etc. Hessian Symphony Orchestra Record Label
1999 Frida/Tango Robert X. Rodriguez Record Label
1999 From the Left Edge Vicki Ray Record Label
1999 Ives Plays Ives / Record # 4 in "Charles Ives, the 100th Anniversary" Charles Ives Record Label
1999 Music of Rolv Yttrehus Ronny Yttrehus Record Label
1999 Sings Music of Ernst Krenek, Richard Wernick, Geroge Rochberg, R. Murray Schafer Neva Pilgrim Record Label
1999 Walter Winslow: Concertati Veneziani & other works Walter Winslow Record Label
1999 eXchange: China Record Label
1998 Balloon Music Judy Dunaway Record Label
1998 Emergency Music Record Label
1998 Ernst Bacon: Remembering Ansel Adams & Other Works Record Label
1998 Joel Gressel: Points in Time Joel Gressel Record Label
1998 Randall Woolf: Rock Steady Randall Woolf Record Label
1997 Common Sense Record Label
1997 Connie Beckley: The Aquarium Connie Beckley Record Label
1997 Lattice (1979)/Transform (Stream) (1977)/Cantegral Segment 18, 17/Transphalba (19 Jerry Hunt Record Label
1997 McLean Mix & The Golden Age of Electronic Music McLean Mix / Priscilla McLean Record Label
1997 Roberto Sierra: Piezas Características Sierra & Helmers Record Label
1997 Women in Electronic Music (1977) [Composers] Record Label
1996 And Trouble Came: Musical Responses to AIDS Record Label
1996 Gay American Composers Record Label
1996 Orchestra 2001: Distant Runes Orchestra 2001 Record Label
1996 Surf Music Again Jack Vees Record Label
1996 The Irving Berlin Songs Francis Thorne Record Label
1995 Allan Bryant: Space Guitars Allan Bryant Record Label
1995 Continual Conversation with a Silent Man: Songs of Lee Hoiby Lee Hoiby Record Label
1995 David Del Tredici: An Alice Symphony Phyllis Bryn-Julson / Oliver Knussen / Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra Record Label
1995 Lansky: Fantasies and Tableaux Paul Lansky Record Label
1995 New York Guitars Record Label
1995 Night Chains Jeffrey Krieger Record Label
1995 Urban Diva Dora Ohrenstein Record Label
1994 Gerald Levinson: Dreamlight; Bronze Music; Black Magic White Magic; Morning Star Gerald Levinson Record Label
1994 To Orpheus New York Virtuoso Singers Record Label
1993 Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 2 Record Label
1993 Porter On My Mind: The Classic Songs of Cole Porter Francis Thorne Record Label
1993 Songs of Ned Rorem Ned Rorem Record Label
1992 Aaron Jay Kernis: Brilliant Sky, Infinite Sky/Love Scenes/Morningsongs Aaron Jay Kernis Record Label
1992 Big Noise from Nicaragua Michael Gordon Record Label
1992 Figure 88 Kathleen Supove Record Label
1992 Jenkins: Themes & Improvisations On The Blues/Panorama 1/Off Duty Dryad/Monkey On The Dragon Leroy Jenkins Record Label
1992 U.S. Choice Double Edge Record Label
1991 Bang on a Can: Live, Vol. 1 Record Label
1991 Manhattan Cascade Guy Klucevsek Record Label
1990 Music of Barbara Kolb Barbara Kolb Record Label
1983 John Cage: Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano Maro Ajemian Record Label
1982 Satan's Sermon and Other Electronic Fantasies Record Label
1982 Three Pieces for Gamelan: String Quartet Set Lou Harrison Record Label
1981 Quintet: Slow Fires of Autumn John Harbison Record Label
1969 A Tribute to Bethany Beardslee, Soprano Bethany Beardslee Record Label
1955 The Bewitched, A Dance Satire Harry Partch Record Label
Ballets & Solos International Street Cannibals Ensemble Record Label
Music for Young Listeners Barbara Britton Record Label
Opere DeLla Musica Povers: Works of Poor Music Record Label
Sing Unto the Lord a New Song Midamerica Chorale/John Dexter Record Label