Composers Concordance Recordings


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Year Album Artist
2016 Melodies Alone Can Proudly Carry their Own Death: The Chamber Music of Gene Pritsker Record Label
2016 Music of Peter Jarvis and Ron Mazurek Peter Jarvis / New Jersey Percussion Ensemble Record Label
2016 Quart@art Quart@art / Trump@Art Record Label
2016 Tangent Shores: Amethyst Jai Jeffryes Record Label
2015 All Spring: Chamber Music of Emily Doolittle Seattle Chamber Players Record Label
2015 Cello Show Borislav Strulev Record Label
2015 Gene Pritsker: Manhattan in Charcoal Charles Coleman / Lynn Norris Record Label
2015 Song Cycles Record Label
2014 Zentripetal Lynn Bechtold / Jennifer Devore Record Label
2013 Messier Catalogue of Star Clusters and Nebulae Bruce Lazarus Record Label
2013 Samplestra: The Electro-Acoustic Music of Gene Pritsker Gene Pritsker Record Label
2011 Andrew Violette: Sonata for the Creation of the World Andrew Violette Record Label
2011 Pure Imagination Keve Wilson Record Label
1980 Song of Light John Clark Record Label
Ballets & Solos International Street Cannibals Ensemble Record Label
Cello Lounge, Vol. 1 Borislove & Noizepunk / Gene "Noizepunk" Pritzker / Borislav Strulev Record Label
Cello Tango "Paporotnik" Orchestra / Borislav Strulev Record Label
David Morneau's Love Songs Record Label
Days Sound Liberation Record Label
Gene Pritsker: William James's Varieties of Religious Experience Sound Liberation Chamber Players Record Label
H3 Roland Heinz / Jeff Hirshfield / Adam Holzman Record Label
Innocent Speller Charlie Rauh / Robin Rauh / Jake Thro Record Label
Liquid Gravity Rubens Salles Record Label
Mi Oblivion Machiko Ozawa Record Label
Miolina Miolina Record Label
Modified: Music for Bassoon Matthias Kronsteiner Record Label
Naked Singularity: Killer Tuba Songs, Vol. 2 Jay Rozen Record Label
Parallel Universe: Solo Electronic Explorations Adam Holzman Record Label
Pritsker-Jarvis Duo Peter Jarvis / Gene Pritsker Record Label
Rite Through an Eclectic Spectrum’ Gene Pritsker's Sound Liberation Record Label
Subversion Greg Baker Record Label
The Chamber and Electronic Music for Gene Pritsker International Street Cannibals Ensemble Record Label
The Odd Couple Quintet + 1 John Clark Record Label
Trio Amalgamate Trio Amalgamate Record Label
Unforced Errors Lisa Liu / Mixed Doubles Record Label