Colin McPhee

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Born in Montreal, Canada, Colin McPhee was a distinctive and imaginative composer, ethnomusicologist, pianist, and writer, most noted for absorbing the sounds of Balinese music into his own compositions.…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Symphony No. 2 ("Pastorale") 1957 18:03 Symphony
Tabuh-tabuhan, for 2 pianos & orchestra 1936 18:21 Concerto
Nocturne for orchestra 1958 07:23 Orchestral
Balinese Ceremonial Music, for 2 pianos 1934 09:01 Keyboard
Concerto for piano & wind octet 1928 15:58 Concerto
Transitions for orchestra 1954 13:35 Orchestral
Lagoe Sesoeloelingan Ardja, for flute & piano 02:20 Chamber Music
Kambing Slem, for flute & piano 02:09 Chamber Music
Suite in Six Movements 24:46 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Concerto for wind orchestra 1960 14:39 Concerto
Lagu Délem, transcribed for piano 01:44 Keyboard
Tabuh-Tabuhan, toccata for orchestra 16:45 Orchestral
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