Colin Matthews

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A British composer of occasionally atonal sonatas, string quartets, and a Concerto for cello (1984).
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Pluto: The Renewer, for orchestra (additional movement for Holst's "The Planets") 2000 Orchestral
The Great Journey, for baritone & 8 players 1981 Vocal Music
Fuga for chamber ensemble 1988 Chamber Music
Broken Symmetry, for large orchestra 1991 Orchestral
Fourth sonata for orchestra 1974 Orchestral
Night's Mask for soprano & chamber ensemble 1984 Vocal Music
Suns Dance, for 10 players 1984 Chamber Music
Machines & Dreams (A Toy Symphony) 1990 Orchestral
Variations on Sumer is Icumen In: Variation 5 1987 Orchestral
Quatrain, for winds, brass & percussion 1989 Orchestral
60 Second Waltz, for piano Keyboard
Strugnell's Haiku, for voice & chamber ensemble Vocal Music
Cantata on the death of Antony, for soprano & chamber ensemble Vocal Music
Sonata for orchestra No. 5 ("Landscape"), Op. 17 1978 Orchestral
Memorial, for large orchestra 1992 Orchestral
Cello Concerto No. 1, Op. 27 1984 Concerto
Hidden Variables, for 15 players 1988 Chamber Music
Postlude: Monsieur Croche, for ensemble Chamber Music
The Lobster Quadrille, for violin & piano (for collaborative "Wonderland" suite) Chamber Music
Galliard: Complete Version (after T. Morley), for 2 pianos, harp, guitar, harpsichord & marimba Chamber Music
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