Coleridge Tillman

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Year Album Artist
2021 The United States vs. Billie Holiday [Music from the Motion Picture] Andra Day Composer
2021 Celebrating Pride Alessia Cara Composer
2021 Acoustic Alessia Cara Composer
2020 Higher Place Skip Marley Composer
2020 Good to Know JoJo Composer
2020 Bigger Love John Legend Composer
2018 Rise Season 1: The Album Composer
2017 Now That's What I Call Music! 61 Composer
2017 NOW Workout Hits & Remixes Composer
2017 Let Love Rule Ledisi Composer
2017 Kidz Bop Non Stop Pop Kidz Bop Kids Composer
2017 Kidz Bop 34 Kidz Bop Kids Composer
2017 It's Alright Star Cast Composer
2016 The Preview Stanaj Composer
2016 Soup Sebastian Kole Composer
2016 Scars to Your Beautiful Alessia Cara Composer
2016 Party Tyme Karaoke: Super Hits, Vol. 27 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer, Composer/Lyricist
2016 Now That's What I Call a Workout 2017 Composer
2016 Now That's What I Call Music! 60 Composer
2016 Now That's What I Call Music! 58 Composer
2016 Now That's What I Call Music! 57 Composer
2016 Hity Na Czasie: Zima 2017 Composer
2015 Wild Things Alessia Cara Composer
2015 Know-It-All Alessia Cara Composer
2015 Here Alessia Cara Composer
2015 Four Pink Walls Alessia Cara Composer
2012 Step Up Revolution Composer
2012 Music From the Motion Picture Step Up 4: Miami Heat Composer
2012 Goin' In Jennifer Lopez Composer
2001 No Fear in Me Erick Matthews Composer
Дами канят [Dami Kanyat] Composer
Złamane Serce Composer
Zene! Composer
Yoga Songs 2020 Composer
Yoga Playlist 2020 Composer
Work From Home Hustle Composer
Work From Home Bops Composer
Wonder Women Composer
Women's Day 2021 Composer
Women to the Front: Female Empowerment Composer
Women to the Front Composer
Women of Pop! Composer
Women of Pop [2021] Composer
Women of Def Jam Composer
Winter Mood Composer
Winter 2021 Composer
Wild Things Kim Sheehy Composer
Wake Up Happy Composer
Viral Pop Hits Composer
Viral Jams Composer
Viral Hits, Vol. 7 Composer
Viral Hits, Vol. 6 Composer
Viral Hits, Vol. 4 Composer
Viral Hits, Vol. 1 Composer
Viaje a 2015 Composer
Verano Hits 2020 - Verano forever Composer
Vacation at Home Composer
Vacation 2021 Composer
Upbeat Chill Composer
Ultimate Top Hits Composer
Trending Summer Hits 2021 Composer
Trending Pop Hits, Vol. 2 Composer
Trending Now, Vol. 22 Composer
Trending Now, Vol. 19 Composer
Trending Now, Vol. 17 Composer
Trending Now, Vol. 13 Composer
Trending Now, Vol. 10 Composer
Trending 2021 [March 5] Composer
Top Pop Bops Composer
Top Hits Acústico Composer
Top Gaming Songs Composer
Today's Pop Composer
Today's Biggest Hits [Universal] Composer
Time to Relax [Universal] Composer
Tiketok Hits Composer
Tik Tock Hits 2021 Composer
Tik Tock Classics Composer
Thoughts and Prayers [A Colors Show] Samm Henshaw Composer
Thoughtful Music Composer
This Summer [Live Off the Floor] Alessia Cara Composer
The Recording Studio Composer
The Greatest Love Songs Composer
The Complete Season 11 Collection Wé McDonald Composer
The Voice Brasil 2017 Composer
The Best Love Songs Album in the World...Ever! Composer
The Best Female Album in the World Ever Composer
Teen Summer Composer
Teen Hits [Universal] Composer
Teen Hitovi Composer
Sunset Chill 2020 Composer
Sunrise Music 2020 Composer
Sunday Mood Composer
Sunbathing Soundtrack Composer
Summer Songs 2020: Best Summer Music Composer
Summer Chill Hits Composer
Summer BBQ 2020 Composer
Sultry Pop Composer
Study Time Composer
Study Songs Composer
Study Pop Composer
Study Music 2020 Composer
Stuck: Train Breakdowns Composer
Strong Women [2021] Composer
Still Broke Samm Henshaw Composer
Spring Fling Composer
Spring Break 2021 [Universal] Composer
Spring Break Composer
Songs to Sleep To Composer
Songs for the Summer Composer
Songs for the Sad Composer
Songs for the Heart Broken Composer
Soft Pop Hits [2021] Composer
Smokey Romantic Composer
Sleeping Music Composer
Sing Along Pop Composer
Shower Studio Composer
Sexy Songs 2020 Composer
Sebastian Kole Sebastian Kole Composer
Scars to Your Beautiful Lara Dabbagh Composer
Scars to Your Beautiful Silje Rubin Composer
Scars to Your Beautiful Frances Dueñas Composer
Scars to Your Beautiful Missy Robertson Composer
Scars to Your Beautiful Sheldon Riley Composer/Lyricist
Sad Vibes Composer
Sad Songs for Crying Yourself to Sleep Composer
Sad Songs 2020 Composer
Sad Songs Composer
Sad Song Composer
Sad Shower Composer
Sad Lyrics 2020 Composer
Sad Love Songs to Cry to 2020 Composer
Sad Love Songs 2021 Composer
Sad Heartbreak Songs 2020 Composer
RomanTic Tok Composer
Roc Holiday 2020 Composer
Reprise: A Rocnation Album Composer
Remember Home Sebastian Kole Composer
Relaxing Sleep Music Composer
Relax Pop Composer
Ready 2 Go Composer
Re-Covered Composer, Lyricist
Rainhas do Pop Composer
R&B Fresh Hits Composer
Puros Hits Composer
Pride Party 2021 Composer
Pride Parade 2021 Composer
Pride 2021: Love Yourself Composer
Pride 2021 [Universal] Composer
Pride 2020! Composer
Powerful Women Composer
Positive Tunes Composer
Pop of the 2000s: Celebrating Pride Composer
Pop at Home Composer
Pop and Vibes Composer
Pop Triste Composer
Pop Santai Composer
Pop Posée Composer
Pop Peace Composer
Pop Pausée Composer
Pop Para Relaxar [September 25, 2020] Composer
Pop Love Songs Composer
Pop Ladies [Universal] Composer
Pop Hits 2015 Composer
Pop Classics Composer
Pop Chill Composer
Pop Anthems Composer
Piosenki do Nauki Composer
Pilates [Universal] Composer
Peaceful Meditation 2020 Composer
Party on My Own Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Super Hits, Vol. 29 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Pop Party Pack, Vol. 7 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer, Composer/Lyricist
Party Tyme Karaoke: Girl Pop, Vol. 29 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Girl Pop, Vol. 27 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Girl Pop Party Pack, Vol. 8 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke-Super Hits 29 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer, Composer/Lyricist
Para Ouvir Na Chuva Composer
PMS Playlist Composer
Oldies But Goodies [2021] Composer
Nuevas Reinas Nuevos Reyes Composer
Now! 27 Composer
Now Pop Icons Composer
Now 26 Composer
Noites de Inverno Composer
No Love Skip Marley Composer
Night Out Composer
New Year, New Me Composer
New Pop 2020 Composer
New Music Weekly, Vol. 1 Composer
New Female Pop Hits Composer
Musique Triste Composer
Musicas Sad Vibes Composer
Musica per Lavorare in Uffico Composer
Music for the Waiting Room Composer
Music Is Universal: Pride by Kylie Morgan Composer
Music Is Universal: Pride by Kassi Ashton Composer
Music From the Motion Picture Step Up Revolution Composer
Music Anthems : Girl Power Composer
Music Anthems : For My Girlfriend Composer
Mulheres ao Poder! Composer
Mulheres Poderosas Composer
Mujeres Night Composer
Mother's Day [2020] Composer
Morning Mix, Vol. 1 Composer
Modo Triste Composer
Modern Pop Hits Composer
Mix Para Llorar Composer
Ministry of Sleep: Seven The Cat and Owl Composer
Mental Health Month 2021 Composer
Mental Health Awareness Month Composer
Mental Health 2020 Composer
Mellow Days Composer
Mega Hits 2021 Composer
May Today Be a Good Day Composer
Massage Music - Relaxing songs Composer
Mama Ray BLK Composer
Love's on the Way Sebastian Kole Composer
Love Songs 2021 [Feb, 05] Composer
Love Doctor Sebastian Kole Composer
Kids Party [September, 2020] Composer
Just Girls Composer
Just Cry Composer
Just Ain't Christmas Harloe Composer
Isolation Composer
International Women's Day [MY Edition] Composer
International Women's Day 2020 Composer
International Women's Day Composer
In the Mix [2020] Composer
Idol 2020: Live 2 Composer
I Am on Vacation Composer
I Am Sad Composer
Hype Up Girls Composer
Hottest Hits Ever, Vol. 4 Composer
Hot Girl Anthems Composer
Home Sebastian Kole Composer
Hits Acoustiques Composer
Hit Songs 4 U Composer
Hidden Gems [Universal] Composer
Hello Spring Composer
Hello Friday Composer
Heartbreak [2020] Composer
Heartbreak Tunes Composer
Heartbreak Songs Composer
Heartbreak Music 2020 Composer
Heartbreak Hits [Universal] Composer
Hear Us Roar Composer
Happy Pop Hits Composer
Happy Office Hits Composer
Hangover Hug Composer
Grl Pwr [2021] Composer
Great Female Voices Composer
Graduation Hits Composer
Good Morning Music: Breakfast in Bed Composer
Good Morning Malaysia Composer
Going Viral 2020 Composer
Glow Up Composer
Girls on Tour Composer
Girls Run the World [2021] Composer
Girls Rule! Composer
Girls Night Out [2021] Composer
Girl Power [2021] Composer
Girl Power Pop Composer
Girl Power Hits [Pinoy Picks Edition] Composer
Girl Power Hits [2021] Composer
Girl Power Hits Composer
Girl Power Anthems Composer
Girl Boss Composer
Future Is Female Composer
Fun Pop Throwback Composer
Frio e Cobertor Composer
Freedom Star Cast Composer
For You, Mom Composer
Femei de zece Composer
Feel the Beat [2021] Composer
Fall Hits: Pop Edition Composer
Exitos Acusticos Composer
Essential 2015 Composer
Essenciais do Pop Internacional Composer
Empress Ray BLK Composer
Empowerment Composer
Empowering Songs Composer
Empower Composer
El Amor Duele Composer
Easy Listening Office Composer
Divas Pop Composer
Dinner Party Pop Composer
Dinner Party Composer
Definitely Pop Composer
Deep Chill Composer
Dale al play!: 2010s Composer
Csajbuli 2021 Composer
Crying at 3AM Composer
Crying Songs 2020 Composer
Crying Sad Songs Composer
Cry Out [Universal] Composer
Cry Myself to Sleep Composer
Crowd Pleasers Composer
Covers [EP] JP Cooper Composer, Composer/Lyricist
Cover Me in Darkness Oceans Composer
Cottage Music: Pop for the Family Composer
Cottage Music: Canada Day Weekend Composer
Coração Partido Composer
Corazones Partidos Composer
Confidence Boost Composer
Comfort Zone 2020 Composer
Coffeehouse Chill 2020 Composer
Coeur Brisé Composer
Cocktail Bar [2020] Composer
Clubland, Vol. 2 MC Mario Composer
Cleaning at Home [Pop Edition] Composer
Class of '17 Composer
Class of '16 Composer
Class of '15 Composer
Christian Mother's Day Composer
Chillout Pop Composer
Chillen 2020 Composer
Chill Zone Composer
Chill Songs Composer
Chill Pop Composer
Chicas Night Composer
Chansons Deprimantes Composer
Celebrating Women Composer
Carpool Karaoke Composer
Carol Biazin Carol Biazin Composer
Car Jams Composer
Canciones de Siempre: Ellas Composer
Canciones Para Adoloridos Composer
Canada 150: A Celebration of Music - Now & Next Composer
Calming Music Composer
Brit Awards 2017 Composer
Bridesmaids Anthems Composer
Breakup Songs 2020 Composer
Breakup Music 2020 Composer
Breakup Hits Composer
Break-Up Songs [2020] Composer
Break Up Songs [2021] Composer
Break Up Songs Composer
Blaze It Composer
Best of Canada Composer
Best of 2017 Composer
Best Hits 2015 Composer
Bar Party Hits Composer
Bachelorette Music Composer
Autunno 2020: Suoni & Colori Composer
At Home: Pop Edition Composer
Aqua Blue Vibes: Summer Playlist Composer
Anxiety Music Composer
Almost Bedtime Composer
All the Hits [Universal] Composer
All Things Pop Composer
All Acoustic Composer
Aesthetic Songs Composer
Acoustic Sing Along [2020] Composer
Acoustic Mixtape Composer
Acoustic Guitar Sing Along Composer
Acoustic Favorites Composer
Acoustic Covers JP Cooper Composer
AcousTic Tok Composer
Acaba Con El Insomnio Composer
Absolute Dance Composer
A Decade of Bops Composer
4 All Ages: Relax & Chill Music Composer
4 All Ages: Pop Music Composer
30 Top Pop Hits Composer
2021 Mega Hits Composer
2018 Award Nominees Composer
2017 as Melhores Composer
2013 The Hottest Composer
2010s Hits [2019] Composer
2010s Hits Composer
2000s Love Songs Composer
2000's Pop Anthems Composer
10s Mixtape Composer
100% Exitos: Divas Vol. 2 Composer