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Year Album Artist
2019 Quarter Century Classix Ben Lee Composer
2006 Compulation, Vol. 2 Drums
1999 Good Enough Zen Frisbee Drums
1999 Bridges of Dissonant County, Vol. 1 Drums
1998 Eat at the Burrito Bunker Zen Frisbee Drums
1998 Do the Math Composer
1997 Slow Boy Pipe Drums
1996 International Cement Pipe Drums
1996 Do the Math The Peechees Composer
1995 Silver Gleaming Death Machine Small Drums, Composer
1995 Incidental Music 1991-95 Superchunk Drums, Composer
1994 Toastmaster Small 23 Drums, Composer
1994 Rely on Selph Doctor Ice Composer
1994 Driveway to Driveway Superchunk Composer
1994 Chin Music Small 23 Drums, Composer
1993 True Zero Hook Small 23 Drums, Group Member
1993 On the Mouth Superchunk Drums
1993 Cake Small Producer, Drums
1992 Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91) Superchunk Composer
1992 Fortune Cookie Prize: A Tribute to Beat Happening Drums
1991 No Pocky for Kitty Superchunk Drums, Composer
1990 Superchunk Superchunk Drums
The Fall and Rise of John Elderkin and Moonbeams No Mas! John Elderkin and ¬°Moonbeams No Mas! Noise