Christoffer Huse

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Year Album Artist
2017 Under Your Skin SeeB Composer
2017 Boys in the Street SeeB Composer
2016 What Do You Love SeeB Composer
2016 Intro to SeeB SeeB Composer
2016 Breathe SeeB Composer
1996 Return of the Mack [Single #1] Mark Morrison Composer
Wild Eyes Broiler Composer
Upper Hand Den BB Composer
Undercover Broiler Composer
That Feeling Broiler Composer
Sunshine Hits My Face Freddy Kalas Composer
Silk Road Den BB Composer
Shut Up Lets Dance Composer
Scream: Music From Season 2 Composer
Ringside Den BB Composer
Prospects Den BB Composer
Project Mayhem Den BB Composer
Pinne for landet Freddy Kalas Composer
Pinne for Sverige Freddy Kalas Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Pop Male Hits, Vol. 7 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Ny Julmusik 2020 Composer
Money Broiler Composer
Mixdown 2015 MC Mario Composer
Masken Den BB Composer
Love Like This Broiler / Thea Leora Producer
Lionsgate Den BB Composer
Lay It on Me Ina Wroldsen Composer
Lay It on Me Jeanette Vik Composer
Latin Music Summer Party Composer
Julmys Composer
Julmusik: Magic Christmas Composer
Julmusik 2020 Composer
Jullåtar Composer
Julklassiker 2020 Composer
Julklassiker Composer
Julfavoriter 2020 Composer
Jul med familjen Composer
Island Life Dance, Vol. 5 Composer
Island Life Dance, Vol. 4 Composer
Island Life Dance, Vol. 3 Composer
In the Morning Broiler / Lovespeake Producer
Hey Ho Freddy Kalas Composer
Headache Broiler Producer
Good Idea Broiler Composer
Good Day Broiler Producer
God Jul [2020] Composer
Få Meg På Freddy Kalas Composer
Fly by Night Broiler Composer
Feel Da Rush Freddy Kalas Composer
Eksperimentet Den BB Composer
Do It Broiler Composer
Daydream Broiler Composer
Crowd Pleasers Composer
Christmas Party [Universal 2020] [#1] Composer
Christmas Dinner Composer
Blow Out (Wasted) Broiler Composer
Bad Santa Composer
Amazing Kurt Nilsen Composer
Amazing Broiler Composer
Alt Blir Bra Freddy Kalas Composer, Producer
Alla Tiders Sommarhits Composer, Producer