Christian Teele


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Year Album Artist
2016 Listening Now Owen Kortz Drums, Percussion
2016 Rendezvous Kelly Andrew Drums, Percussion
2015 Rock N' Roll Party in the Streets: The Best of Axe Axe Drums
2014 Journey Kelly Andrew Engineer, Drums, Percussion, Tracking
2013 Heart of the Universe Peter Kater / Snatam Kaur Percussion
2012 Axeology 1979-2001 Axe Drums
2012 Jumpin Jazz Kids: A Swinging Jungle Tale Drums, Percussion
2009 Hang in the Balance Craig Donaldson Drums
2008 Cadences of Loneliness Paul D'amore / Paul d'Amour Drums
2008 Magia del Pozo Ramón Salgado Percussion
2008 Missile Bell, Vol. 2 Trace Bundy Drums, Percussion
2008 No Mas Guerra Ramón Salgado Percussion
2008 Rock Island Line Big Jim Adam Percussion
2008 The Great Nostalgia Bob Harris Main Personnel, Tabla, Percussion
2008 Uncorked: Sounds Of The Wine Country Drums, Percussion
2008 Water On Stone Rebecca Folsom Drums, Percussion, Recording
2007 Barefoot Acoustic Eidolon Bells, Djembe, Handclapping, Palmas, Percussion
2007 Colorado to Liverpool: A Tribute to the Beatles Firefall Tabla, Percussion, Sound Effects, Udu
2007 Imagine Christmas Adele Morgan Drums, Percussion
2007 Jazz My Soul Jazz Explorers Percussion
2007 Let Time Run Edgar Papke Drums
2007 Out Of Nowhere Pete Kartsounes Percussion
2007 Spice of Life Vince Madison Drums, Percussion
2006 1800 Miles Later Audrey Vanessa Main Personnel, Percussion
2006 Acoustic Mayhem Dave Beegle Percussion
2006 Blindside Jock Bartley Drums, Congas, Talking Drum, Djembe, Tabla, Timbales, Caxixi, Percussion, Gong, Sound Effects, Shakere, Udu
2006 Heart's Desire Echo Bay Percussion
2006 I Would For You Pete Martinez Drums, Percussion
2006 Something in the Water Sally Shuffield Drums, Percussion
2006 Soul to Souls Nelson Rangell Engineer, Drums, Percussion
2006 String Theory Perpetual Motion Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Percussion, Overdub Engineer
2006 This Foolish Music George Inai Drums, Percussion, Sound Effects, Bass
2005 Do All You Can Devotion Drums, Percussion
2005 I Am Sure Richie Furay Percussion
2005 It's All About Love Lisa Bell Main Personnel, Percussion
2005 My American Songbook, Vol. 1 Nelson Rangell Engineer, Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion
2005 Run Selasee Drum Loop
2005 Soup Kitchen Armando Zuppa Drums, Percussion
2005 Telluride Bluegrass Festival: 30 Years Drums
2004 Blue Ribbon Buzz Buckskin Stallion Tambourine, Triangle, Percussion
2004 Lately Steve Glotzer Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion
2004 Nobody's Fool The Mitguards Drums, Percussion
2004 One Good Reason Legacy Quartet Percussion
2004 Shadow Play Lee Trees Drums, Percussion
2004 Songs Of Autumn Taylor Mesple Drums, Percussion, Loops, Composer
2003 Angels in the Crowd Wendy Woo Drums
2003 Back at Me Samantha Reynolds Percussion
2003 Beyond the Desert Dave Beegle Berimbau, Drums, Bongos, Frame Drum, Castanets, Cymbals, Djembe, Tabla, Tambourine, Tom-Tom, Wood Block, Percussion, Bells, Sound Effects
2003 Come Away My Beloved Kathleen Fagre Percussion
2003 Etown Live, Vol. 3 Etown Music Drums
2003 From Me to You Shauna Chandra Drums, Percussion, Composer
2003 Gonna Wear Red Wendy Woo Shekere
2003 Intention Devotion Drums, Percussion
2003 Intuition Bob Hollister Drums, Drums (Snare), Congas, Percussion
2003 Nothing Left to Prove Danny Oertli Percussion
2003 Portraits and Paradigms Tanya Low Percussion
2003 The Spark Chris Daniels Additional Personnel, Percussion
2003 We Are Healing Devotion Drums, Percussion
2003 Wide Awake and Dreaming Wendy Woo Guest Artist, Percussion
2002 A Simple Offering Rebecca Mesple Percussion
2002 Acoustic Christmas Steve Glotzer Drums, Percussion
2002 Affected by the Moon Chuck Pyle Drums, Percussion
2002 Along the Coyote Highway Cordillera Percussion, Bird Whistle
2002 At The Water's Edge Brenda Harp Percussion
2002 Boo, Cackle, Trick or Treat Sue Schnitzer Drums, Percussion
2002 Coming Through The Winstons Drums, Percussion
2002 Dare to Be... Lisa Bell Percussion
2002 I KY Percussion
2002 I Thought U Should Know Matthew Moon Percussion
2002 Point the Way Phil Jensen Percussion
2002 Raindshadow Ash Ganley Percussion
2002 Same Moon The Mitguards Guest Artist, Drums, Percussion
2002 Simpler Time Eidolon Drums, Congas, Bongos, Claves, Cymbals, Djembe, Shaker, Tabla, Triangle, Wood Block, Percussion, Bells, Udu, Trash Cans
2002 Small Town Love Dan Sheridan Drums, Percussion
2002 Telluride Bluegrass Festival: Alive at 25 Percussion
2002 Victory Land Taylor Mesple Drums
2001 Across the Sky Rebecca Folsom Percussion
2001 Honey Rock Todd Warren Drums, Percussion, Loop
2001 In the Hour Newcomers Home Drums, Percussion
2001 It's About Time Billy and Liza Drums, Percussion, Composer
2001 The Crown Axe Drums, Percussion
2000 Catalyst Sherri Jackson Drums, Percussion
2000 It's All About Love Larry Anderson Drums, Percussion
2000 Life Imitates Art Steve Glotzer Percussion
2000 Mood du Jour Doug Scarborough Drums (Snare)
2000 Tony Furtado Band Tony Furtado Main Personnel, Drums
1999 Hymns & Prayers Danny Oertli Percussion
1999 Quarter Life Crises Jay Road Drums
1998 Hathaway Smiles Marcy Baruch Drums, Percussion
1998 Her House of Sin Vanessa Lowe Drums, Percussion
1998 Tomboy Bride Sally Taylor Percussion
1998 Vignettes The Winstons Spoken Word, Drums, Percussion
1997 Shades Nina Storey Percussion
1996 Nevada Jon Douglas Haywood Percussion
1996 Old Soul Old Soul Drums, Percussion
1995 Second Chance The Winstons Percussion
1992 Life in the Grave Native Son Drums, Percussion
Bergen Park Kyle Galanaugh Drums
Bright New World Monica Augustine Drums
Cover Stories Chuck Pyle Drums
Dance of Two Souls Perpetual Motion Engineer, Drums, Percussion, Cajon
Dancing on the Moon Lisa Bell Drums, Percussion
Extraordinary Days Rebecca Folsom Cajon, Drums, Shaker
Floating World Jeff Sampson Engineer
Ghosts with a Smile Ephesus Drums, Percussion
Leavin' On the Special Danny Daniels Drums
Low Bid On a Dream David Michael Drums
Megan Burtt & Friends, Vol. 1: The Colorado Sessions Megan Burtt Drum
More Lately Jeremy Dion Percussion
Rear View Perpetual Motion Drums, Percussion
Red Nelson Rangell Engineer, Drums, Percussion
Reflections Kelly Andrew Drums, Percussion
Set Me Free Dave Bradshaw Percussion
Shades of Life Incidental Drums
The Shift Ryan Dart Musician
This Mystery The Divine Madness Drums, Percussion
Tiny Diamonds Scott Dale Drums, Percussion
Toolshed Ben Winship Percussion
Unpredictable John McVey African Drums, Cajon, Drums, Shaker
Voices of the Guardians Lance Bendiksen / Gareth Laffely Native American Drums
Voyageur Eric Gunnison Percussion
Watch Me Fly Susannah! Percussion
What'll It Be? Barry Ollman Drums, Percussion
You're With Me Julie Geller Drums