Christian Silver


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Year Album Artist
2017 Worlds Collide Dead by April Drum Engineering
2016 My Darkness, Darkness Beseech Producer, Engineer, Mastering
2010 Apocalyptic Evocation Mastering
2009 Reflection As You Drown Audio Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2009 Sweet Virginia Hand-Picked Bluegrass Guitar
2009 The Reckoning Arise [Metal] Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2008 A Darker Kind of Salvation Closer Mastering, Drum Engineering
2008 Compassion Denied [Bonus Track] Frequency Producer, Engineer
2008 Dead Calm Chaos Evocation Mastering
2008 Spite Marionette Mixing, Mastering
2007 Bye Bye Dear Everything Depressive Art Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Percussion, Mastering
2007 Holy Murder Masquerade Impious Engineer
2007 Moons and Mushrooms Lake of Tears Producer, Engineer, Composer
2007 Nuclear Blast 20th Anniversary Engineer
2007 Only Inhuman Sonic Syndicate Audio Production, Drum Producer
2007 Tales From The Tomb Evocation Mastering
2006 A New Shape of Desperation By Night Performer, Group Member
2006 Conductor's Departure Anata Producer, Engineer
2006 No Longer Buried Trendkill Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 When Dream & Fate Collide Frequency Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Burn the Flags By Night Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2005 Death-A-Holic The Wake Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Eden Fire Sonic Syndicate Guest Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering, Musician
2005 Sunless Days Beseech Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Musician
2004 Black Brick Road Lake of Tears Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Cipher System/By Night [Split EP] Cipher System Producer, Mixing
2004 Crowned Unholy The Crown Engineer, Audio Production
2004 Drama Beseech Musician
2004 Future of the Past Destiny Mixing
2004 Hellucinate Impious Mixing, Mastering
2004 Live at Oak Center Live At The Oak Center General Store Vocals, Mandolin
2004 Under a Stone with No Inscription Anata Engineer
2004 Where Lovers Mourn Draconian Engineer, Mastering
2003 Collateral Damage: Complete War Series Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 Killing Season Immersed in Blood Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 Metal Pack Anata / Darkside / Nocturnus Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 The Killer Impious Engineer, Mixing
2002 Artificial Supernova Skymning Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Tambourine, Loops, Mastering, Effects
2002 Crowned in Terror The Crown Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2002 Metal Blade Records: 20th Anniversary Producer
2002 Uncorrupted Steel Producer
2001 Dreams of Death and Dismay Anata Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2001 Terror Succeeds Impious Producer
2001 The Infernal Depths of Hatred Anata Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2000 Black Emotions Beseech Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999 21st Century Media Blitz, Vol. 2 Drums, Beat Box
1999 Primal Event Lothlorien Producer, Mixing
1999 War, Vol. 2 Anata Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1998 From a Bleeding Heart Beseech Producer, Mixing
1998 Metalmeister, Vol. 3 Producer
1997 Design 19 Sundown Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Drums
1997 Shadowsouls Garden Fatal Embrace Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 The Pagan Prosperity Old Man's Child Producer, Engineer
1995 Black Vanity Cemetary Drums
Call Out DumDefBlind Engineer, Mastering, Mixing