Christ is the messiah-inspired alter ego of Chris H (b. Scotland), a sometime collaborator of Warp Records duo Boards Of Canada, who is notably credited with having contributed to that outfit’s near-legendary first album Twoism, a record pressed in an initial run of just 100 copies prior to its 2002 reissue by Warp. Beyond this, little actual biographical information is known about the Scottish musician and, like his former collaborators, fact is obscured by rumour and secrecy. Released via the absorbing Scottish label Benbecula, Christ’s Pylonesque mini-album carried overt echoes of his former collaborators: evocative kaleidoscopic melodies are juxtaposed with neo-hip-hop beats and traces of voices are distorted beyond comprehension, while on the EP’s closing track ‘Absolom (For Lucy)’, children’s squeals are deployed in a ...
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