Chris "DJ" Kilmore


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Year Album Artist
2017 8 Incubus DJ, Keyboards, Group Member, Composer
2015 Trust Fall (Side A) Incubus Composer
2012 HQ Live Incubus DJ, Keyboards, Composer
2012 The Essential Incubus Incubus Piano, Hammond B3, Mellotron, Synthesizer, Theremin, Turntables, Marxophone, Group Member
2011 If Not Now, When? Incubus Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Keyboards, Turntables, Group Member, Composer
2011 Piano Tribute To Incubus Composer
2010 Epic: Bands Tracks & Anthems Composer
2010 S.C.I.E.N.C.E./A Crow Left of the Murder... Incubus Featured Artist
2009 Incubus String Tribute String Tribute Players Composer
2009 Monuments & Melodies Incubus Member of Attributed Artist, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, Mellotron, Moog Synthesizer, Theremin, Turntables, Organ (Hammond), Marxophone, Moog Bass, Group Member, Composer
2009 X2: Morning View/Make Yourself Incubus Group Member, Composer, Scratching
2008 Morning View/The Morning View Sessions Incubus Composer
2007 Look Alive Incubus DJ, Keyboards, Composer
2007 Play Hits: Los Éxitos Internacionales Del Año Composer
2007 Surf's Up Composer
2006 Anna-Molly Incubus Composer
2006 Anna-Molly [Single] Incubus Composer
2006 Light Grenades Incubus Member of Attributed Artist, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Organ, Hammond B3, Mellotron, Sampling, Theremin, Turntables, Marxophone, Group Member, Composer
2006 Mix Incubus Composer
2005 Boyz Rock! The Superstarz Kids! Composer
2005 Stealth [Original Soundtrack] Composer
2004 A Crow Left of the Murder... Incubus Member of Attributed Artist, Turntables, Group Member, Composer
2004 A Tribute to Incubus [Tributized] Composer
2004 Alive at Red Rocks Incubus Turntables, Composer
2004 Chartbuster Karaoke: Greatest Songs of Today's Rock Composer
2004 Chartbuster Karaoke: Incubus Composer
2004 Megalomaniac/Monuments and Melodies Incubus Group Member, Composer
2004 Strung Out: The String Quartet Tribute Series Sampler Vitamin String Quartet Composer
2003 Dragonfly Ziggy Marley Scratching
2003 Guy Pop Karaoke, Vol. 1 Composer
2003 Guy Pop Karaoke, Vol. 2 Composer
2002 A Tribute to Incubus [Big Eye] Composer
2002 Chartbuster Karaoke: Best of Male Pop 2001, Vol. 2 Composer
2002 Chartbuster Karaoke: Modern Rock, Vol. 4 Composer
2002 Hard Rock Hits, Vol. 2 [#1] Composer
2002 Hot Hits Now Countdown Composer
2002 Kerrang, Vol. 3 Composer
2002 Now That's What I Call Music! 9 Composer
2002 Platinum Hits 2003 Composer
2002 The String Quartet Tribute to Incubus Vitamin String Quartet Composer
2002 Total Rock Composer
2002 Triple M's New Stuff, Vol. 2 Composer
2002 With the Spirit of a Traffic Jam Gruvis Malt Turntables
2001 Hot Hits Now, Vol. 2 Countdown Composer
2001 Kerrang: Life Is Loud Composer
2001 Morning View Incubus Musician, Composer
2001 Now That's What I Call Music! 6 Composer
2001 Today's Hot Rock Composer
2001 Wiil Rock 95.1 Live Composer
2000 Drive Incubus Composer
2000 Introduction to Mayhem Primer 55 Scratching
2000 Little Nicky [Music from the Motion Picture] Composer, Lyricist
2000 Loud Rocks DJ
2000 MTV The Return of the Rock Composer
2000 Naked 4-Play Composer
2000 Pardon Me Incubus Composer
2000 Rebirth of the Loud Composer
2000 Scream 3 [Original Soundtrack] Composer
2000 Stellar Incubus Composer
2000 Waaf Survive This Composer
2000 When Incubus Attacks, Vol. 1 [EP] Incubus Composer
1999 Make Yourself Incubus Composer
1999 Modern Rock Composer
1997 Spawn: The Album [Original Soundtrack] Composer
Absolution Calling Incubus Composer
Best of 2017 Rock Composer
Chartbuster Karaoke: Pop Hits February 2012 Composer
Chartbuster Karaoke: Pop/Urban Hot Hits, February 2012 Composer
Glitterbomb Incubus Composer
Halo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Game Soundtrack] Composer
Nimble Bastard Incubus Composer
State of the Art Incubus Composer
Trust Fall (Side A) Incubus Composer
Undefeated Incubus Composer