Chris Greene


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Year Album Artist
2006 Box Set Chris Connelly Mastering, Digital Remastering
2006 Sleazebox Records Box Set My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Mastering
2005 A Tribute to Public Image Limited Programming, Instrumentation
2003 Batizado Scottinho Mastering
2003 Cold and Naked A New January Producer, Mixing
2003 Double Damage The Damage Manual Engineer
2003 Sunnypsyop OhGr Mastering
2002 Superstarved Gravity Kills Mixing, Vocal Producer, Mixing Engineer
2001 Blonde Exodus The Bells Mastering
2001 Hardcore Vanilla Hellbent Mastering
2001 Indiana Rocks: A Benefit Recording Bob & Tom Engineer
2001 The Reincarnation of Luna My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Mastering
2000 Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Bob & Tom Engineer
2000 Junkies and Snakes Meg Lee Chin Mixing
2000 More Sounds from Spaghetti Westerns Red Elephant Mastering
2000 One The Damage Manual Engineer
2000 Sugar Spice Saccharin Cyanide Scarlet Life Mastering
2000 The Damage Manual The Damage Manual Engineer
2000 The Manhattan Love Machine TRS-80 Mastering
1999 Covergirl Jared Louche Programming, Instrumentation
1999 Infrared My Scarlet Life Producer, Mastering
1999 Live Music in the Apartment Torben Floor Mastering
1999 Origin of the Species, Vol. 2 Psychic TV Mastering
1999 Piece and Love Meg Lee Chin Mixing, Mastering
1999 The Blue Album Jim the Band Mastering
1999 What's the Word, Vol. 1 [Invisible] Mastering
1999 Wish You Were Queer: A Tribute to Ministry Mastering
1998 Below the Belt Pigface Mastering
1998 Buzzbomb My Scarlet Life Editing
1998 Eat Shit, You Fucking Redneck Pigface Mastering
1998 Epilogue With Sirens Entranced Mastering
1998 Ever Since Ever Middle 8 Engineer
1998 Populous Uniform Editing, Violin, Mastering
1998 Seraphim's Desire Garden of Dreams Mixing, Mastering, Post Production
1998 Starry Wisdom Not Breathing Mastering
1998 The Kissing Tree Bed Of Roses Mastering
1997 33° Leechwoman Mixing
1997 Drug Test, Vol. 2 Editing, Associate Producer, Mastering, Post Production Assistant
1997 Trypnotica My Scarlet Life Editing, Mastering